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In addition to the initial Starting Villages, there are bigger communities - towns.

Basic actions like buying various game accessories, or learning new skills are available in the towns. Besides, there are always many players there. There is a good opportunity to trade items with other players or to look for partners to form a raid group.

Most of the quests also start in town areas.

Levels of Towns

Each town is the center of a certain hunting area. Hunting around the town is organized for players of certain levels which gather in such towns.

Town Hunting levels
Gludin Village 10-30
Town of Gludio 20-30
Town of Dion 20-50
Floran Village
Heine 30-50
Town of Oren 30-55
Town of Giran 40-78
Town of Aden 50-78
Hunters Village 40-55
Town of Goddard 60-78
Rune Township 60-78
Town of Schuttgart 20-60
Ancient City Arcan 90+

NPCs in Towns

There are various NPCs situated in the towns created to help players, like trading NPC who are located in merchant shops where you can buy or sell various items. Gatekeepers help players move to other towns or hunting grounds. Other NPCs provide access to the warehouse. Many NPCs are ready to offer players interesting and useful tasks (quests).

You can monitor the location of a specific NPC in various towns using mini-map (Hotkey ALT+M)

Clan Halls

Some large towns have a special hall for Clans - Clan Halls. To own a hall, a clan should reach level 2. The owners of Halls have different advantages.

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