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Town of Oren

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Oren - map
Орен - внешний вид.jpg

Oren territory is located to the north from Giran Territory. Several hundred years ago many warriors settled there, and the strongest warrior guild was founded. People say that those who had spoken to the inhabitants of the territory, were astonished by their discipline and strictness.

Town of Oren is a fortress-like township founded by the warrior guild. It’s an unassailable fortress with high walls and watching towers from which, as people say, a sharp-sighted warrior can see how the sea sparkles under the sun.


Township Price Price
with a discount
Town of Aden 6,900 3,500
Town of Giran 9,400 4,700
Rune Township 10,000 5,000
Town of Goddard 37,000 18,500
Heine 50,000 25,000
Town of Dion 11,000 5,500
Town of Schuttgart 19,000 9,500
Town of Gludio 11,000 5,500
Talking Island Village 84,000 42,500
Ivory Tower 3,700 1,900
Hunters Village 4,100 2,100
Hardin's Academy 6,100 3,100
Sel Mahum Training Grounds (western entrance) 2,400 1,200
Sel Mahum Training Grounds (southern entrance) 3,700 1,900
Sel Mahum Training Grounds (central entrance) 1,800 900
Plains of the Lizardmen 3,900 2,000
Outlaw Forest 5,200 2,600
Sea of Spores 2,500 1,300
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Teleport for the Noblesse

Destination Price
Gludin Arena 1000
Giran Arena 1000
Forest of Evil 1000
Timak Outpost 1000
Coliseum 1000

Town of Oren - NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

There are no clanhalls in the Town of Oren.

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