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Town of Goddard

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Map of Goddard
Годдард - внешний вид.jpg

The Town of Goddard is many brave heroes' motherland. Long time ago it was built by orcs as a defence keep, but now it's the heart of military activities of the Human Kingdom. 'Don't underestimate the locals just because they live in the wilderness', says Great Magister Halester. In fact, the more they suffer, the stronger their thirst for knowledge. It's not just theoretical knowledge - it's an effective way to survive. The town is divided into two levels. On the lower level there are houses, shops and different guilds. On the upper floor there are noble mansions, the temple and clan halls. Elite classes in Giran are not as liberal as in other regions. They treat strangers with cautiousness. They don't allow everyone to go to the upper level. A traveller, however, shouldn't experience any problems. The Warrior Guild of Giran is very influential. Recently, according to the Lord's orders, they have - unwillingly - given some space for the temple. The Temple building is a part of a huge massive mountain, and from the top the shining pinnacle of the Aden castle can be seen.
In such a restless city it's very difficult to keep peace. Almost every single day some impostor would come to spoil everything. There are dangerous monsters lurking around the city. Rich people complain that it's unsafe to live in the city. In Goddard everyone is scared by the rumours of the war between the Varka Silenos and the Ketra Orcs, and the news about the awakening of the Fire Dragon Valakas,
The power of fire keeps the climate warm. It's because of the volcano in the north, as Master Alminas says. Only best warriors gather in Goddard, as Master Bernhard says, they are famous for being very well-trained and always ready to fight. They are head and shoulders above the 'lazy bones' from the south, proud and talking about chivalry. The Goddard army is hardened by the severe landscapes and wild beasts.
Master Kamilen says that some people call Goddard the Town of War, or a Battle Fortress. The basic truth is always the same. However, Elmore is the defeated country, and Goddard is the place where the final battle was lost. Goddard is the land of fire and war, as High Prefect Aklan says. Blood boils there like lava from the northern volcanoes. Soon the time will come for the famous warriors of Pa'agrio. 'This icy air is perfect for steel hardening. Burning fire and icy air - nothing more is required for making good steel! The conflict of the opposites hardens everything' - Head Blacksmith Noel. Best armor in the kingdom is made in Goddard, mostly thanks to the Black Anvil Guild. That's why the best armor shop is also located in Goddard, as Weapon Merchant Leon says. However, the Kamael race thinks that there's dark aura above the city, like mist above a pond. The feel great evil - the dark shadow of hatred and resentment hiding in the streets and lanes. Any time slaughter may start.
Saint Agnes , a worshiper of Eva, lives in Goddard. People from very distant land come to her. But there are also rumors that Dark Palmerers, the adepts of Gran Kain, were seen around the city. The locals are worried by the news.


Township Price Price
with a discount
Town of Gludio 72,000 36,000
Town of Giran 63,000 31,500
Town of Dion 71,000 35,500
Rune Township 20,000 10,000
Heine 83,000 41,500
Town of Schuttgart 21,000 10,500
Town of Aden 16,000 8,000
Town of Oren 37,000 18,500
Ancient City Arcan 46,000 23,000
Gludin Village 92,000 46,000
Hunters Village 40,000 20,000
Talking Island Village 81,000 40,500
Elven Village 44,000 22,000
Dark Elf Village 46,000 23,000
Orc Village 60,000 30,000
Dwarven Village 38,000 19,000
Kamael Village 85,000 42,500
Faeron Village 110,000 55,000
Varka Silenos Barracks 5,300 2,700
Ketra Orc Outpost 2,300 1,200
Hot Springs 11,000 5,500
Wall of Argos 3,700 1,900
Shrine of Loyalty 7,500 3,800
Imperial Tomb 8,700 4,400
Monastery of Silence 10,000 5,000
Forge of Gods (entrance) 12,000 6,000
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Town of Goddard: NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

Goddard Clan halls

There are 4 clan halls grade A available in the Town of Goddard:

  • Moonstone Hall
  • Onyx Hall
  • Emerald Hall
  • Sapphire Hall

You can find the info about clan hall features, items on sale, factions and envoys here: Clan Hall functions.

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