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Tower of Insolence

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Tower of Insolence
Map Tower of Insolence.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 60 - 75
Party size 2-3 ppl
Herbs non drops

Башня Дерзости скриншот 1.jpg Башня Дерзости скриншот 2.jpg Башня Дерзости скриншот 3.jpg

Башня Дерзости скриншот 4.jpg Башня Дерзости скриншот 5.jpg Башня Дерзости скриншот 6.jpg

The Golden Age for Elmoreden came 100 years after its foundation, during Emperor Baium’s reign. Baium, a charismatic man and an unmatched leader, managed to create the strongest army in the history of the kingdom. The army drove the orcs from the northern territory of Elmore to the back forests, later known as the Kingdom of Orcs. Besides, Baium’s army attacked Perios kingdom from time to time, and Baium regained the southern part of Gracia.

When Baium got old, he lost his interest to conquering territories. All the power of his kingdom was directed towards building a most sophisticated tower rising skyward.

”Everyone on the continent fears me, from the north to the south, from the west to the east! I rule people’s lives with a flick of my wrist: I grant lives and I grant deaths. My power is absolute. There’s one thing I can’t stand – that my power will be over when I die! That’s why I need to ask the gods for eternal life to rule my people forever!".

It took thirty years to build the tower of Baium. He intended to use it to ascend to the gods and get the secret of eternal life. When he got to the top, the gods said to him:

“Mortal, how dare you come here and ask us for eternal life? How can it be that you’ve learned nothing from the lesson that the giants had? Well, if you desire eternal life, we’ll give it to you. But you’ll never be able to leave the tower".

Baium brought down the anger of the gods upon himself. He’s confined on the top of his tower forever.

How to get to the Tower of Insolence

Yuo can teleport to the Tower of Insolence from the Town of Aden. There are 14 floors in totals, and you can hunt on floors 1-12. On the first floor you can find the Researcher Keplon who sells special items used for teleportation between the floors of the tower. There are also special teleportation devices to be used.

Name The floors to be teleported.
Green Dimensional Stone Green Dimensional Stone 1 - 3 floors
Blue Dimensional Stone Blue Dimensional Stone 4 - 6 floors
Red Dimensional Stone Red Dimensional Stone 7 - 10 floors

Tower of Insolence Floors

Tower of Insolence consists of 14 floors, you can hunt on floors 1 - 12. The higher the floor is, the more difficult the hint.

Tower of Insolence Floors Recommended level
Башня Дерзости 1 - 3 этажи.jpg Tower of Insolence: 1st - 3rd Floors 55 - 62
Башня Дерзости 4 - 5 этажи.jpg Tower of Insolence: 4th - 5th Floors 61 - 66
Башня Дерзости 6 - 8 этажи.jpg Tower of Insolence: 6th - 8th Floors 67 - 70
Башня Дерзости 9 - 14 этажи.jpg Tower of Insolence: 9th - 14th Floors 71 - 75

Tower of Insolence - list of quests and NPCs

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