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Ties with the Guardians

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Ties with the Guardians
Level: 88 - 100
Quest type Repeatable questSoloing QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Fairy Settlement / Magmeld
Start NPC Rafini
Reward See description


  1. Talk to Rafini in Fairy Settlement (Arms of Timiniel) and choose the level of difficulty.


  2. Complete the quest:


  3. You've helped to solve the problem. Go back to Fairy Settlement (Arms of Timiniel) to Rafini and get the reward.


Difficulty level Exp SP Adena Amity Points
Low Item 15623.jpg 1,288,579,410 Item 15624.jpg 1,288,530 Adena.jpg 1,931,472 adena Faction Points Faction Points  — 100 pcs.
Average Item 15623.jpg 2,577,158,820 Item 15624.jpg 2,577,060 Adena.jpg 3,862,944 adena Faction Points Faction Points  — 200 pcs.

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