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Clan - Throne of Heroes

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Clan - Throne of Heroes
Map Clan - Throne of Heroes.jpg
Territory -
Optimal Level 99 - 120
Party size 7-100
Zone reset time Wednesday, 6:30

Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 1.jpg Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 2.jpg Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 3.jpg

Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 4.jpg Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 5.jpg Клан - Трон Героев скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Clan - Throne of Heroes entrance.jpg

Throne of Heroes is a clan-specific instanced zone.

  • You can enter the instanced zone by talking to NPC Entrance Manager Orin from Hunters Village.
  • The zone is available once per week, the timer is reset at 6.30 a.m. on Wednesday.
  • To enter, your clan needs to be level 5 or above.
  • Clan leaders can apply for entrance, or those who have the corresponding privileges.
  • To enter, you need a command channel, consisting of your clan members only.
  • To enter, you need 7-100 characters level 99 or above.
  • Players have 45 hours to complete the zone.
  • Once you've entered the zone, you lose all your buffs.
  • Resurrection scrolls or skills cannot be applied in the zone.

Walkthrough guide

In the Throne of Heroes zone you need to fight raid bosses and earn points. If your clan is ranked in the rating, you'll get the corresponding amount of CRP. If your clan was ranked the 2nd or the 3rd in the previous cycle, you can get 10% or 5% of bonus points, accordingly. The reward can be claimed once per week.

Rating Reputation gained
1 70000
2 35000
3 20000
4 15000
5 10000
6 2500
7 2500
8 2500
9 2500
10 2500


Clan - Throne of Heroes - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Gilatu 102 : : : 76478742792 68822460
Darion 102 : : : 152957495988 137655324
Goldberg 105 : : : 999279716400 899342325
Zaken 108 : : : 3766456368864 3389803344
Mary Reed 108 : : : 3766456368864 3389803344
Tauti 108 : : : 3766456368864 3389803344
Tiat 108 : : : 3766456368864 3389803344
Immortal Lord Ekimus 108 : : : 3766456368864 3389803344

Related Quests

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