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The Disciples Necropolis

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The Disciples Necropolis
Map The Disciples Necropolis.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 105 and higher
Party size 49-200
Herbs non drops

Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 1.jpg Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 2.jpg Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 3.jpg

Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 4.jpg Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 5.jpg Некрополь Апостолов скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Teleportation from Aden
Entrance to The Disciples Necropolis

The Disciple's Necropolis is a hunting zone for characters level 105 and above. To get into the zone, you need to teleport via NPC Gatekeeper Elisa from the Town of Aden to Disciple's Necropolis. The entrance is filled with water. In order to get into the zone, you need to dive and swim until you get inside. You can get inside the catacomb via NPC Gatekeeper Ziggurat.

  • Characters level 105+ can take part in a battle with Anakim; the amount of characters in the battle should be from 49 to 200.
  • You need a command channel to enter.
  • Access to Anakim is available on Wednesday at 9 p.m., on the week without castle sieges.


Together with Anakim, monsters appear in Disciple's Necropolis. Besides monsters, there are also doors in the zone limiting your journey through the Disciple's Necropolis. Nephilim Knight Captain will show you the way to Nephilim Commander - go to the corridor Nephilim Knight Captain is looking at. You need to defeat Nephilim Commander which appears at random in one part of the Necropolis in order to get to Anakim.

Raid Boss

Anakim appears together with Anakim Elite Captain (2) and Anakim Elite Warrior (2), she also summons by 3 Anakim Elite Priests. She summons her minions every 2 minutes (if those summoned before are defeated).

During the battle, Anakim uses powerful magic attacks, and her minions support her by casting buffs and restoring her HP.

When Anakim uses the "Anakim Holy Shield" skill, you need to deliver 1000 blows in 15 seconds, otherwise Anakim's HP will be fully restored.


The Disciple's Necropolis - Monsters

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Nephilim Archbishop 109 : : : : 0 0
Nephilim Assassin 109 : : : : 0 0
Nephilim Warrior 109 : : : : 0 0
Nephilim Royal Guard 109 : : : : 0 0
Anakim’s Eye Nephilim Knight Captain 109 : : : : 0 0
Nephilim Royal Guard Captain 109 : : : : 0 0
Nephilim Sniper 109 : : : : 0 0
Anakim Elite Warrior 109 : : : : 0 0
Anakim Elite Priest 109 : : : : 0 0
Anakim Elite Captain 109 : : : : 0 0
Necropolis Guardian Nephilim Commander 110 : : : : 0 0

The Disciple's Necropolis - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Fallen Angel Anakim 110 : : : : : 5789917167100 5210925500

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