The Broken Device

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The Broken Device
Level: 58 - 61
Quest type Soloing QuestOnetime quest
Restrictions: You need to complete Traces of an Ambush quest first
Race: Ertheia
Class: Any class
Start location Forsaken Plains / Aden Territory
Start NPC Novain
Reward Adena.jpg 990,000 adena
Soulshot (A-grade) Soulshot (A-grade) Grade A.gif — 6000 pcs.
Blessed Spiritshot (A-grade) Blessed Spiritshot (A-grade) Grade A.gif — 6000 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 14,369,328
Item 15624.jpg 1,578
Blessed Scroll of Escape Blessed Scroll of Escape  — 3 pcs.
Paulina's Equipment Set (A-grade) Paulina's Equipment Set (A-grade)


  1. Talk to Geographer Novain in the Forsaken Plains.


  2. Go to the Forsaken Plains, kill the following mobs: Kranrot, Paliote, Yintzu, Hamrut, until you've got Broken Magic Device Fragment Broken Magic Device Fragment  — 20 pcs.


  3. Talk to Geographer Novain in the Forsaken Plains and get the reward.


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