• The Alligator Hunter returns

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    The Alligator Hunter returns
    Level: 40 - 45
    Quest type Repeatable quest
    Restrictions: Being in a subclass state.
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Town of Gludio / Innadril Territory
    Start NPC Bathis
    Reward Item 15623.jpg 9,089,061
    Item 15624.jpg 1,380


    1. Captain Bathis tells you that there is a mission appropriate for heroes who have returned.... You need to go to Alligator Island from Heine and meet Enron.


    2. You need to hunt mobs on Alligator Island and to collect Alligator Leather. When your quest is done, talk to Head Blacksmith Flutter in the Town of Oren. To hunt: Alligator, Crokian Lad, Dailaon Lad, Crokian Lad Warrior, Farhite Lad, Nos Lad, Swamp Tribe, Swamp Alligator, Swamp Warrior. You need to get Alligator Leather Alligator Leather  — 150 pcs.



    3. You have successfully hunted the alligators on Alligator Island and obtained all of the items. Talk to Head Blacksmith Flutter in the Town of Oren.


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