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Each character in Lineage II has a set of basic characteristics. There are 6 basic characteristics in total. They depend on the race and the class of a character. Basic characteristics don’t increase as characters gain more levels, however, they can be changed using different items or tattoos.

Tattoos System

Tattoos affect basic characteristics of a character. There’s a Symbol Maker NPC in every township, which can make a tattoo or remove it. This service is not free. To make a tattoo, you need 10 same dyes for tattoos. When a tattoo is removed, the characters gets 5 same dyes back.

Rules of using tattoos

  • A basic characteristics can be increased by +15 only.
  • There are dyes for 1 class tattoos, for 2 and 3 class tattoos and dyes Grade R.
  • First class characters can make 2 tattoos. *Second class characters can make 3 tattoos.
  • Tattoos for second and third class characters intended for increasing such base characteristics as INT, WIT and MEN are limited by classes which can use them. Tattoos Grade R have no limitations by classes.

Basic characteristics impact

Char. Impact
STR Phys. Atk., P. Critical
DEX P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, Atk. Speed
CON Max.HP, HP Recovery Bonus, Max.СР, Weight Limit , Breath Limit, underwater НР decrease, shield defense rate, Resistance to de-buff attacks (stun, poison, bleeding)
INT Mag. Atk., Magic Critical
WIT M. Damage, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., magic resistance, amount of XP restored at resurrection.
MEN Magic Resistance, Max.МР, МР restoration Spd, magic cancel rate, increases status resistance (debuffs, madness (Fear, Silence), paralysis, НР decrease, МР decrease magic, НР recovery decrease, skill usage timeout increase, recovery speed decrease)

Tattoos usage limits

Some classes cannot use certain combinations of basic characteristics change. However, after Awakening there are no limits anymore.

Tattoo type Can be used by Tattoo type Can be used by
+STR -CON All classes +INT -MEN Mages
+STR -DEX All classes +INT -WIT All except healers
+CON - STR All classes +MEN - INT Mages
+CON – DEX All classes +MEN - WIT Mages
+DEX - STR All classes +WIT -INT All except healers
+DEX - CON All classes +WIT -MEN Mystics

Tattoos Removal

To remove a tattoo, you need to go to a Symbol Maker. You need to pay for the removal, and you’ll get 5 dyes back.

List of Dyes

See also:

Dyes Dyes
level 1 - 39
STR Dyes
INT Dyes
DEX Dyes
WIT Dyes
CON Dyes
MEN Dyes
Greater Dyes
level 40 – 84
STR Greater Dyes
INT Greater Dyes
DEX Greater Dyes
WIT Greater Dyes
CON Greater Dyes
MEN Greater Dyes
Grade R
level 85 – 99

Giant Dyes

Ancient Dyes

Legendary Dyes

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