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Tarot Cards fortune telling is a game where you can try your luck and get different useful items.

General Info

  • To try your luck, you need to talk to Fortune Teller Eve in a town (for her location, see below) and ask her to draw her cards for you.
  • In the game, you need to choose one of the three cards to determine your reward.(For more info, see: Reward)
  • Among the three cards there are always 2 cards with standard reward and one with bonus (or royal) reward. One the card with standard reward you can see Kat the Cat, and there's a picture of Feline King on the card with bonus reward.
  • You cannot fail in the game as you always get one of the possible rewards.

Fortune Teller Eve

You can find Fortune Teller Eve in the following places:

Town of Aden

Town of Giran

Town of Gludio

Town of Goddard

Gludin Village

Talking Island Village

Hunters Village

Town of Dion

Town of Oren

Town of Rune


Town of Schuttgart

Fortunetelling Process

Tarot Cards - Main dialogue with Eve.jpg
  • Press the "Play" button to start the game. Yuo can't start it if there's not enough space in your inventory or if you carry too much weight.
  • Press the store button to exchange Tarot Card Coupon Tarot Card Coupon for Tarot Card Tarot Card .
  • Press the "Help" button to get additional information.

Tarot Cards - Main Window.png
  • In the window you will see the amount of cards you have and the amount of fortunetelling sessions. You can't have more than 50 sessions in a row. To change the amount of sessions, press the Карты Таро - Изменение количества сеансов, кнопка.jpg button and enter the necessary amount. Press the "Play" button.

Tarot Cards - Choosing a card.png
  • You have 5 seconds to choose which card is to be turned. If you don't make your choice in 5 seconds, a random card will be turned automatically.

Tarot Cards - Take the reward.jpg
  • Press the "Accept" button to take your reward. If you're lucky enough to get Feline King, you'll have bonus reward.

Tarot Cards - Restart.jpg
  • Press the "Play" or "Restart" button to continue the game. The "Restart" button is available if the amount of sessions is more than 1.


Please note that the rewards on the screenshots can be different from those in the game.

Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

You can't get the reward if there is not enough space in your inventory!

Item Amount
Item 26511.jpg Anakim Set Pack 1
Item 26517.jpg Apparition Stone (All-purpose) 1
Item 40270.jpg Appearance Stone: Dark Assassin Suit 1
Item 47464.jpg Appearance Stone: White Assassin Suit 1
Item 35569.jpg Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone 2
Item 35568.jpg Bloody Helios Enhancement Stone 1
Item 48025.jpg Chevalier Costume Appearance Stone 1
Item 35567.jpg Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone 1
Item 35566.jpg Dark Helios Enhancement Stone 1
Item 39359.jpg Designer Apocalypse Weapon Pack 1
Item 39323.jpg Designer Eternal Armor Pack 1
Item 39343.jpg Designer Helios Weapon Pack 1
Item 39329.jpg Designer Seraph Armor Pack 1
Item 39351.jpg Designer Specter Weapon Pack 1
Item 39335.jpg Designer Twilight Armor Pack 1
Item 17623.jpg Earth Wyrm Heart Ring 1
Item 38763.jpg Energy of Destruction 100-unit Pack 1
Item 38762.jpg Energy of Destruction 20-unit Pack 1
Item 23439.jpg Feather of Blessing Pack 5
Item 28458.jpg Fortune Hair Accessory Box 1
Item 28490.jpg Frenzied Tauti's Small Fragment 1
Item 47663.jpg Freya's Art of Seduction 1
Item 19440.jpg Gemstone (R-grade) 100
Item 40236.jpg Giant's Energy 100-unit Pack 1
Item 40235.jpg Giant's Energy 20-unit Pack 1
Item 28491.jpg Insane Kelbim's Small Fragment 1
Item 26291.jpg Kaliel's Energy 1
Item 46079.jpg Kelbim's Atelia Fragment 1
Item 36946.jpg Lindvior's Earring 1
Item 26513.jpg Lv. 5 Legendary CHA Dye Pack 1
Item 34954.jpg Lv. 5 Legendary Dye Pack 1
Item 26514.jpg Lv. 5 Legendary LUC Dye Pack 1
Item 46537.jpg Mystic Soul Crystal Fragment 1
Item 47916.jpg Nevit's Cloak of Light Box 1
Item 47918.jpg Nevit's Gold Hourglass 1
Item 47665.jpg Pa'agrio's Blessing 1
Item 26418.jpg Recipe: Talisman - Abundance Lv. 1 (High-grade) 1
Item 26419.jpg Recipe: Talisman - Abundance Lv. 2 (High-grade) 1
Item 26420.jpg Recipe: Talisman - Abundance Lv. 3 (High-grade) 1
Item 26421.jpg Recipe: Talisman - Abundance Lv. 4 (High-grade) 1
Item 45425.jpg Royal Red Save Card (R-grade) 1
Item 45426.jpg Royal Red Save Card (R95-grade) 1
Item 45427.jpg Royal Red Save Card (R99-grade) 1
Item 28425.jpg Royal White Save Card (R-grade) 1
Item 28426.jpg Royal White Save Card (R95-grade) 1
Item 28427.jpg Royal White Save Card (R99-grade) 1
Item 28454.jpg Sayha's Blessing 1
Item 28453.jpg Sayha's Energy 1
Item 29067.jpg Sayha's Talisman Pack 2
Item 36162.jpg Scroll of Blessing (R99-grade) 1
Item 35649.jpg Sealed Talisman - Longing 1
Item 29077.jpg Talisman - Abundance Pack 1
Item 35667.jpg Tauti's Fragment 1
Item 35570.jpg Tauti's Ring 1
Item 46530.jpg Top-grade Love Potion - Party 5
Item 48028.jpg Valkyrie Costume Appearance Stone 1

Восклицательный знак.png Glossary!

Instead "Tarot Cards" people usually say "Tarot, Lucky Game, Game of Luck".