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Spezions Cavern (Epic)

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Spezions Cavern (Epic)
Territory Magmeld
Optimal Level 104 - 120
Party size 2-3 parties (14-21 ppl)
Zone reset time Wednesday, 6:30

Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 1.jpg Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 2.jpg Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 3.jpg

Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 4.jpg Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 5.jpg Логово Спасии (экстремальный) скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Entrance to the Spezion's Cavern instanced zone

Epic Spezion's Cavern is a party hunting zone meant for players level 104 - 120.

Walkthrough guide

Josephine - dialogue.jpg

Your party will get teleported to Spezion's Cavern. To start a battle with the boss, talk to NPC Josephina.

After being summoned Spezion is divided into 4 copies. Then it uses invincibility and summons minions. To cancel this mode, you need to kill Spezion's Subordinate and get the Giant Cannonball Giant Cannonball to load the cannon and make Spezion stand under the starlight. When invincibility is cancelled, there a special visual effect: Spezion is surrounded by a flash of golden light. If invincibility is cancelled, Spezion becomes vulnerable for some time. You need to manage to kill him during that time. If your party doesn't manage to defeat the boss, it becomes invincible again.

Moreover, during the fight there will be Explosive Energy zones. You need to avoid them as much as possible.


Spezion's Cavern (Epic) - Raid Boss

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Raid Boss Spezion 106 : : : : : 1013689481708 912318256

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