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Spezions Cavern

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Spezions Cavern
Map Spezions Cavern.jpg
Territory Magmeld
Optimal Level 90 - 95
Party size 1 party (7 people)
Zone reset time 4 hours after instance is closed

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General Info

Entrance to the Spezion's Cavern instanced zone

'Spezion's Cavern is a party instanced zone for players level 90-95. You need to have 7 players in a party. The entrance counter is reset 4 hours after the instance is closed.

Walkthrough guide

Stage 1 - Garden of Genesis

Having entered the zone via Spezion's Headstone, you party will be teleported to an instanced zone (a copy of the Garden of Genesis). The party members will be scattered around the territory. The main task is to find the Escape Device and to activate it. The mobs dwelling in the location - Lizard Spear Armer and Lizard Charmer will try to stop your searches. Lizard Charmers can teleport any player to a random place in the zone. Besides, you need to find the device within a limited time. You have 3 attempts: 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes. If you don’t manage to find the device on time, it teleports into another place of the Garden of Genesis. When the device is found, each party member needs to activate it by clicking the first line. Then the leader of the party sends everyone to the second stage - Orbis Temple.

Stage 2 - Orbis Temple

The party, teleported via Escape Device, will find themselves in an instanced zone (a copy of Orbis Temple). You need to activate 3 bombs and destroy the leader of Spezion's demons.

2 этап - Храм Орбиса карта.png

Each bomb is guarded by mobs. As soon as you’ve destroyed the mobs, activate the bomb and leave one party member to guard it, as other mobs will start attacking the bomb, and you cannot let it explode.

b146a04d66c0a152b50e9b8d.jpg d284488f63f03b08654157cd.jpg

In the central hall of the instance there’ll be the leader of demons and his guards. When the leader is destroyed, run to the opening portal, watch the video and find yourselves in the zone where Raid Boss Spezion dwells.


The tactics is as follows: the boss will switch into invincible mode almost immediately after its appearance. To cancel this mode, you need to kill Spezion's Subordinate and get the Giant Cannonball to load the cannon and make Spezion stand under the starlight. Now you can kill it. Repeat the steps if necessary,


Spezion’s Cavern - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Raid Boss Spezion 94 : : : : : : : : : : 1011156496 242678

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