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Special Mission: Kartia's Labyrinth (Party)

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Special Mission: Kartia's Labyrinth (Party)
Level: 87 - 99
Quest type Repeatable questSoloing QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: Adventure Guild Amity level 2 or higher.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Town of Aden / Aden Territory
Start NPC Penny
Reward See description.


  1. Talk to Penny in the Town of Aden.


  2. Before you start the quest, you need to learn more about it.


  3. Talk to Penny about party hunting and then go to Kartia Researcher.


  4. Complete Kartia Researcher's daily quest. The necessary quests: Incarnation of Greed, Zellaka (Party), Incarnation of Jealousy, Pelline (Party) or Incarnation of Gluttony, Kalios (Party).
  5. Your quest in Kartia's Labyrinth is done. #Go back to Penny in the Town of Aden and get the reward.


Chosen quest Exp SP Amity Points
Incarnation of Greed, Zellaka (Party) Item 15623.jpg 349,752,660 Item 15624.jpg 349,740 Faction Points Faction Points  — 100 pcs.
Incarnation of Jealousy, Pelline (Party) Item 15623.jpg 646,727,130 Item 15624.jpg 646,710 Faction Points Faction Points  — 125 pcs.
Incarnation of Gluttony, Kalios (Party) Item 15623.jpg 1,793,099,880 Item 15624.jpg 1,793,070 Faction Points Faction Points  — 150 pcs.

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