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Silent Valley

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Silent Valley
Map Silent Valley.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 95 - 96
Party size Solo
Herbs drops

Долина Безмолвия скриншот 1.jpg Долина Безмолвия скриншот 2.jpg Долина Безмолвия скриншот 3.jpg

Долина Безмолвия скриншот 4.jpg Долина Безмолвия скриншот 5.jpg Долина Безмолвия скриншот 6.jpg

A small basin below the Giant's Cave. People don't know much about this place since the Giant's Cave is known as a huge relic, but adventurers who enjoy risks quietly like to come here for a trace of forgotten ancient times. Since recently there've been signs of changes in the Valley, but no one seems to pay attention to them. The traces of ancient creatures have gone, and now demons have swarmed the Valley.

General Info

Teleportation to Silent Valley

Silent Valley is a solo hunting zone for characters level 95-96. You can teleport to the zone via Gatekeeper Elisa located in the Town of Aden.

Walkthrough guide

The zone monsters are demons with Dark attribute and have resistance to Stun, Monsters don't help their kin, so hunting alone is not difficult. Be careful: such monsters as Silence Hannibal, Silence Preacle and Silence Phantom attack first.


Silent Valley - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Silence Witch 97 : : : : 63988728 57584
Silence Warrior 97 : : : : : 63988728 57584
Watcher Silence Hannibal 97 : : : : : 67264001 60500
Silence Claw 97 : : : : 63988728 57584
Silence Slave 97 : : : : : 63988728 57584
Watcher Silence Phantom 97 : : : : : 67264001 60500
Watcher Silence Preacle 97 : : : : 67264001 60500

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Basic Mission: Silent Valley Solo questDaily quest 95 - 97 Penny XP 1,793,099,880
Available SP 1,793,070
Faction Points Faction Points  — 200 pcs.
No requirements
A Secret Change Solo questDaily quest 95 - 105 Corzet Adena 680,100 adena
XP 1,793,099,880
Available SP 1,793,070
No requirements
To Each Their Own Solo questDaily quest 95 - 105 Corzet Adena 680,100 adena
XP 1,793,099,880
Available SP 1,793,070
No requirements

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