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Seven Signs

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In order to regain power by absorbing their blood, Shilen initiated the sacrifice of creatures inside Catacombs and Necropolises across Aden, leaving behind a deathly aura. King Amadeo ordered that the entrances to all Catacombs and Necropolises be shut, to keep adventurers out and to keep the deadly auras in. When these dungeons were shut down, the Seven Signs quest cycle ground to a halt and the following changes were made:

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  • The Blacksmith of Mammon and Merchants of Mammon now move between Rune, Aden and Giran (at random).
  • The responsibilities and functions of Dusk Priestess and Priest of Dawn NPCs have been taken over by the Priest of Mammon, who offers different items for sale for Ancient Adena.
  • Functions that required Ancient Adena can now be carried out with regular Adena.
  • Red/Blue/Green Seal Stones currently in a character's possession can be exchanged for Ancient Adena with the Priest of Mammon.

Related NPCs

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The current position of the NPCs related to the Seven Signs is changed. The Blacksmith, the Merchant and the Priest of Mammon now move between Rune, Aden and Giran (at random) every hour real time. They’ll be located close to the Black Marketeers of Mammon.

Blackmarketer of Mammon
Blacksmith of Mammon
Merchant of Mammon
Priest of Mammon

Where the NPCs appear

Town of Aden Town of Giran
GoD - Аден расположение маммонов.png
GoD - Гиран расположение маммонов.png
Rune Township
GoD - Руна расположение маммонов.png

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