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Seven Flowers

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Seven Flowers
Level: 95+
Quest type Party QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: You need to complete Weeding Work quest first
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Guillotine Fortress / Dion Territory
Start NPC Dadphyna
Reward Item 35546.jpg Deadman's Chest


  1. Talk to Dadphyna in the Guillotine Fortress.


  2. Go to Guillotine Fortress, hunt Mandragora of Joy and Sorrow, Mandragora of Prayer, collect Item 34963.jpg Mysterious Seed .


  3. Use the mysterious seeds in the zone where mandragoras grew to grow flowers. Then you need to try to collect the flowers. You need to collect as many types of the flowers as possible, so you’ll have to ask your friends to help.


  4. If you’ve managed to collect 4-5-6-7 different types of the flowers, Executed Maiden's Vengeful Spirit, Spirit of One Burned Alive, Spirit of the Tortured Dwarf will appear, and you’ll be able to get the reward - Item 35546.jpg Deadman's Chest .

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