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Scroll: PK (Top-grade)

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Item 35754.jpg
Scroll: PK (Top-grade)
Double-click to lower PK value by 10. Must be in Floran Village to use. It can only be used when the PK value is above 1. Cannot be used when the Demonic Sword Zariche or the Blood Sword Akamanah are in possession.
Weight: 10
Duration: -
Price in the Shop: 2.49 euro for items: 1
Cannot be sold in a public store.

  • Price in the Game Shop: 2.49 € for items: 1.

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 45467.jpg Intact PK Pack
Item 36382.jpg PK Pack
Item 37619.jpg PK Pack (Western Winds)

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