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Rune Castle

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Rune Castle, Screenshot.jpg

Located to the west from the Rune Township. Rune castle is built into an island mountain, making it a formidable fortress with its only access point being the stone bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Rune castle has the interest feature of having a raid boss sometimes participate in Castle Sieges. Venom appears in the Rune castle dungeon 24 hours before a siege period begins. The defending side characters can teleport to the dungeon and fight him as normal until the siege period begins. If the defending side still hasn’t defeated Venom before the siege period begins, and two or more Flame Control Towers are destroyed during the siege battle, Venom will appear near the throne in the inner castle and attack both the defending and attacking sides.

Fortification of the Rune Castle: Outside Wall, Water Tunnel, Centre Gates, Bridge, 3 Life Control Tower, 2 Flame Control Tower,Back Exit

Features of the Castle

  • Rune Castle provides these features: Residence Health.jpg Residence Health, Residence Magic Barrier.jpg Residence Magic Barrier, NoImage.JPG Residence Resistance to Wind.
  • Belongs to the Territory Of Rune
  • Territory Skills: STR +1 / WIT +1
  • When you own the Castle, you will recieve all the taxes from the territory of Rune, from Clan Halls and all NPC will have Tag of the Clan that owns the Castle of Rune

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