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Ruins of Ye Sagira

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Map of Ruins of Ye Sagira


Ye Sagira was once the capital city of the Giants and their king, Harnak. This immense, sprawling city with its underground labyrinths showcased the advanced technology of the Giants. When the Giants lost their war with the Gods, Einhasad decreed that the last Giant, Hermuncus, be imprisoned inside the stone dungeons of Ye Sagira for all time. Ye Sagira faded into distant memory.

In time, Shilen awakened. Believing that Hermuncus had hidden stolen powers inside Ye Sagira, Shilen hurled the city to the earth. In the impact, Ye Sagira and much of Talking Island were destroyed. Now, fragments of the once proud city of the Giants are strewn across the island.

The Ruins of Ye Sagira are a series of floating slabs and walls of stone, glowing with ancient glyphs. Characters can move through the five exploration zones in the central part of the ruins using red and blue teleportation devices. The Labyrinth of Belis and the Harnak Underground Ruins are accessible from the exploration zones. New players and Awakening players alike are sent to this area as part of their quests for class advancement.

The Reliquary of the Giants is separate area of the ruins. This mystical place displays the eight statues of the Giants of the Awakening classes. Characters come to the Reliquary as the final step of their Awakening process. Characters approach the statue of their destined class, absorb the Giant's powers, and Awaken.

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Ruins of Ye Sagira - table 1

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Husk Stalker 8 : : : : 8 1
Husk Crawler 10 : : : : 10 1

Ruins of Ye Sagira - table 2

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Husk Crawler 10 : : : : 10 1
Husk Krapher 14 : : : : 14 1

Ruins of Ye Sagira - table 3

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Husk Krapher 14 : : : : 14 1
Husk Avian 14 : : : : 14 1

Ruins of Ye Sagira - table 4

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Husk Avian 14 : : : : 14 1
Husk Critter 16 : : : : 16 1
Husk Rider 18 : : : : 18 1
Husk Eyesaroch 20 : 20 1

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