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Ruins of Agony

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Ruins of Agony
Map Ruins of Agony.jpg
Territory Gludio Territory
Optimal Level 20 - 33
Party size Solo
Herbs drops

Руины Страданий скриншот 1.jpg Руины Страданий скриншот 2.jpg Руины Страданий скриншот 3.jpg

Руины Страданий скриншот 4.jpg Руины Страданий скриншот 5.jpg Руины Страданий скриншот 6.jpg

Long ago there was a prosperous village of Bernis there. The villages of Bernis and Roston owned best croplands in the vicinity. Most of the lands were lost during Beleth's rebellion and the rest- during the war with Gracia. Now only the undead dwell there.

Ruins of Agony Map.jpg

Ruins of Agony - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Ruins of Agony - Raid Bosses

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