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Royal Training Camp

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For those who have a Premium Account, there's a special system of Royal Training Camp to level up offline.

General Info

  • Royal Training Camp is available exclusively to those who have a Premium Account. Other players cannot enter the zone.
  • Only characters level 40 and above can enter the Royal Training Camp.
  • Time limit - 10 hours per day is valid for all PA. It means that you cannot train 2 characters of the same account at once.
  • During training you can have a break as many times as you like. For example, if you spent 3 hours in the camp, you have 7 hours during the day (of the 10-hours session). When you come back to the Camp, your training will continue from the moment when you stopped.
  • You can even leave the game and turn off your PC - your character will continue training in any case!
  • If the training lasts less than 1 minute, it's impossible to get any XP or SP.
  • You can't start any new training without getting XP and SP for the previous one.
  • Your character's class has no influence on the SP and XP you gain.
  • The zone is reset at 6.30 a.m (server time).
  • It is used to level up the main class, Dualclass and Subclasses as well. XP and SP gained during training vary depending on the class. The results of training are counted based on the class which was active during training.
  • Chaotic characters can enter the camp, however the XP and SP gained won't affect the PK counter in any way.
  • As your character enters the Camp, all interface windows are closed automatically and become unavailable as long as your character stays in the Camp. However, you can still use Game Shop and the Chat window. Please note that game commands in the chat are not available.
Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

Bonuses to XP and SP are not valid in the Camp: they don't work during training or the calculation of the results; however the lifetime of expiratory items is still spent.

You cannot enter the Royal Training Camp:

During the training process, you character can not:

  • teleport or be summoned outside the Camp;
  • take part in Grand Olympiad or Ceremony of Chaos;
  • use mail;
  • perform any actions with items or use any skills;
  • create or join a party or join the existing one.

How to get inside the Camp

You can find NPC Royal Training Camp Recruiter in the townships listed below to teleport to the "Royal Training Camp".

Town of Aden

Town of Giran

Town of Gludio

Town of Goddard

Talking Island Village

Town of Dion

Town of Oren

Town of Rune


Town of Schuttgart

Training Process

Recruiter - dialogue.jpg

Press the Entrance button to teleport to the camp and start training. You character will be teleported to a place with a training dummy in the middle. In the lower right corner you'll see 4 buttons:

  • Training History
  • Quit - abort training
  • Restart
  • Exit

Тренировочный Лагерь - снаряжение.jpg

Once you've entered the camp, you'll see the animation: the character hitting the dummy. XP and SP are added once per minute. The weapon equipped on your character will change its appearance to look like a Samurai Long Sword. When your leave the Camp, the looks of your weapon will change back to normal.

Training Capm - end of training.jpg

You can monitor the training process in a special window: Training History. All the info is updated in real time. When the training time is over, the character will be teleported out of the Camp, and there'll also be a message informing you that the training is complete. To obtain gained XP and SP speak with Recruiter and press the «Calculate my points» button. You will see the dialogue window with the results.

Table of XP and SP in Training Camp

Level Per minute Per hour Per day (10 hours)
40 2,511 10 150,660 600 1,506,600 6,000
45 21,259 85 1,275,540 5,100 12,755,400 51,000
50 23,127 92 1,387,620 5,520 13,876,200 55,200
55 57,856 231 3,471,360 13,860 34,713,600 138,600
60 41,823 167 2,509,380 10,020 25,093,800 100,200
65 82,389 329 4,943,340 19,740 49,433,400 197,400
70 103,224 412 6,193,440 24,720 61,934,400 247,200
75 139,895 559 8,393,700 33,540 83,937,000 335,400
80 172,810 691 10,368,600 41,460 103,686,000 414,600
85 1,992,348 7,969 119,540,880 478,140 1,195,408,800 4,781,400
90 4,156,097 16,624 249,365,820 997,440 2,493,658,200 9,974,400
95 4,627,934 18,511 277,676,040 1,110,660 2,776,760,400 11,106,600
99 14,071,546 56,286 844,292,760 3,377,160 8,442,927,600 33,771,600
100 17,946,239 71,784 1,076,774,340 4,307,040 10,767,743,400 43,070,400
101 44,296,384 177,185 2,657,783,040 10,631,100 26,577,830,400 106,311,000
102 68,163,551 272,654 4,089,813,060 16,359,240 40,898,130,600 163,592,400
103 173,883,694 695,534 10,433,021,640 41,732,040 104,330,216,400 417,320,400
104 282,138,723 1,128,554 16,928,323,380 67,713,240 169,283,233,800 677,132,400
105 5,261,310,929 21,045,243 315,678,655,740 1,262,714,580 3,156,786,557,400 12,627,145,800

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