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Rombarshya Territory

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Rombarshya territory of Gracia located in the north-western part of the continent. These lands used to thrive due to foreign trading and abundant agricultural lands; however, when all trading was stopped and the fields were devastated with powerful magic, they lost their importance. However, there are still ancient relics on the territory, and mysterious legends related to the place arrract lost of travellers.

Hunting Zones

Hunting Zone Levels Type Herbs
Seed of Destruction 93+ Instance / 5 parties (35 ppl) non drops
Keucereus Alliance Base 95+ Mixed zone /
Keucereus Alliance Base Defence 95+ / non drops
Seed of Infinity 95+ Instance / 2-5 party (14 - 35 ppl) non drops


Rombarshya Territory - quests and NPCs

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