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In Lindvior update certain skills which had been bound to a character’s race, are placed into a special group and can be learned from Monk of Chaos NPC.

How to learn Revelation Skills

  • Revelation Skills can be learned after Awakening from Monk of Chaos NPC in the Reliquary of the Giants.
  • To learn Revelation Skills, you need a Chaos Pomander / Chaos Pomander (Dual Class). After the Awakening the main and the dualclass get each item by 2.

How to delete Revelation Skills

  • Monk of Chaos NPC in the Reliquary of the Giants can remove your Revelation Skills.
  • The Revelation Skills are removed all at once.
  • The price is Adena.jpg 100,000,000 adena.
  • After removal you character gets back Chaos Pomander / Chaos Pomander (Dual Class) to learn new Revelation Skills instead.

List of Revelation Skills

Skill Description
Skill 1904.jpg Unbind Cancels all debuffs and renders immune for 10 seconds.
Skill 1907.jpg Prevision For 15 sec., P. Evasion/ M. Evasion + 90, and Speed + 50.
Skill 1912.jpg Disparition Cancels all your debuffs. For 5 seconds, you cannot be targeted.
Skill 1914.jpg Savage For 60 sec., P. Atk. + 10%, M. Atk. + 20%, Atk. Spd., + 10%, and Casting Spd. + 10%. P. Def. / M. Def. - 10%. Duration: 60 sec.
Skill 1917.jpg Undying Will When receiving damage while HP is below 30%, becomes invincible for 5 seconds. 1 time every 5 minutes only.
Skill 1920.jpg Endurance For 5 sec., reflects 50% of received damage to attacker and recovers 460 HP every second.
Skill 1922.jpg Earth Tremor Knocks Down nearby enemies for 3 sec. and decreases their P. Def./ M. Def. by 50%.
Skill 1925.jpg Soul Protection For 60 seconds, blocks debuff attacks 2 times.

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