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Resurrected Owner of Hall

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Resurrected Owner of Hall
Level: 95+
Quest type Party QuestOnetime quest
Restrictions: You need to complete Owner of Hall quest first
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Orbis Temple / Magmeld
Start NPC Lydia
Reward Adena.jpg 23,655,000 adena
Item 15623.jpg 897,850,000
Item 15624.jpg 215,484
Bottle of Octavis' Soul Bottle of Octavis' Soul


  1. Talk to God's Messenger Lydia in Orbis Temple.


  2. Go to Epic Octavis Cavern, kill the boss Octavis (extreme).
  3. Talk to God's Messenger Lydia in Orbis Temple and get the reward and access to the Bottle of Octavis' Soul quest.


Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

If the "Resurrected Owner of Hall" quest is taken for the second time (available when the Bottle of Octavis' Soul) quest is complete, you'll get only Bottle of Octavis' Soul Bottle of Octavis' Soul .

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