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Recovery Melody - Iss Sword Muse

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Restores target's CP by 1000.
Class Name Iss Sword Muse
Type active
Attribute -
Recast Time 5 seconds
Hit Time 5 seconds
Cast Range 900
Classes with same skill Iss Hierophant, Iss Sword Muse, Iss Spectral Dancer, Iss Dominator, Iss Doomcryer

Awakening Skill Replacement

Learning this skill cancels the skills you've learned before:

Skill Name
Skill 1416 1.jpg Pa'agrio's Fist
Skill 1305 1.jpg Pa'agrio's Honor
Skill 1306 1.jpg Ritual of Life

Skill Upgrade

Lvl. to Learn Skill Lvl Description MP Consume HP Consume SP
85 1 Restores target's CP by 1000. 120 0 10000

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