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    Getting and giving recommendations

    Recommendation rights

    In the renewed system it's impossible to obtain such rights automatically. To do so, you need to make certain actions. Let's see how you can get recommendation rights and how to use them.

    Getting recommendation rights

    Recommendation right can be obtained once per hour, only when a player is connected to the server. To recommend someone else, you need to have recommendation rights. When you first log in to Lineage ii, you automatically get the right for 20 recommendations. If you stay in the game for 2 more hours, then each hour you'll be getting the right for 10 more recommendations. In other words, in 2 hours of playing after first login you'll get 40 recommendation rights, and then you'll be getting by 1 each hour.

    Using recommendation rights

    To recommend someone else, you need to have recommendation rights. In Lineage 2, you can't use recommendation rights for yourself. The amount of available recommendations is spent every time when you recommend someone. You can give several recommendations to the same character (and to do so, you don't need to re-login each time). To use a recommendation right, select the recommendation object and use the /evaluate command or click the corresponding button in the Action window Действие Рекомендация.jpg.

    Additional XP

    You can get additional XP by using XP Buff. XP Buff can only b purchased in Game Shop.

    Level Price Effect duration
    1~99 lvl 1 euro 1 hour

    Increases acquired XP by 50% for an hour. You can use it at any level.

    Refreshing recommendation bonuses

    The right to recommend a character and bonus time used if refreshed every day at 6.30 a.m. Hence, all recommendation rights obtained during the previous day, are rolled back to 20. Besides, the amount of recommendations obtained from other users is reduced by 20 by 6.30 a.m.

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