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Recipes of Blessed Spiritshots

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Item Skill level Number of items crafted MP Spent Materials
Item 3948.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 2 100 60 Crystal (D-grade) - 2 pcs.
Spirit Ore - 8 pcs.
Item 3949.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 4 200 120 Crystal (C-grade) - 2 pcs.
Spirit Ore - 30 pcs.
Item 3950.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (B-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 6 100 180 Crystal (B-grade) - 2 pcs.
Spirit Ore - 16 pcs.
Item 3951.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (A-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 7 200 240 Crystal (A-grade) - 2 pcs.
Spirit Ore - 70 pcs.
Item 3952.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (S-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 8 200 300 Crystal (S-grade) - 2 pcs.
Spirit Ore - 50 pcs.
Item 19442.jpg
Recipe Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) (100%) (Recipe) 11 500 258 Spirit Ore - 750 pcs.
Crystal (R-grade) - 2 pcs.

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