Recipe: Sealed Moirai Necklace (70%)
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Recipe: Sealed Moirai Necklace (70%)
Exclusive to Dwarves. Recipe for making a Sealed Moirai Necklace. Requires Create Item - Skill Lv. 9. The success rate is 70%.

To craft an item, its crafter must learn a Recipe: Sealed Moirai Necklace (70%) Recipe: Sealed Moirai Necklace (70%) .
Skill level: 9
Craft chance item: 70%
Number of items crafted: 1
MP Spent: 246

There's a certain chance that instead of this item you may create Sealed Foundation Moirai Necklace Sealed Foundation Moirai Necklace Grade S80.gif.

Mob's name Lvl. Stats Hunting Zones Count Chance
Sel Mahum Drill Sergeant (3) 84 Humanoids: They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race. Fire Attack: Strong against the element of fire. Weak P. Atk.: Weak P. Def.: Very Strong M. Def.: Bow/Crossbow Resistance: Resistant to Bow/Crossbow attacks. Melee Attack Vulnerability: Renders target vulnerable to melee attacks. Spear Vulnerability: Vulnerable to Spears. Sel Mahum Training Grounds 1 0.005% — 0.01%
Tanta Lizardman Archer 83 Humanoids: They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race. Earth Attack: Strong against the element of earth. Strong P. Def.: Very Strong M. Def.: Melee Attack Resistance: Resistant to melee physical attack. Bow/Crossbow Vulnerability: Weak against Bow/Crossbow attacks. Dagger/Rapier Resistance: Resistant to Dagger/Rapier attacks. Fist Weapon Resistance: Resistant to Fist Weapons. Greater Two-handed Weapon Resistance: Very resistant to Two-handed Weapons. Sword Resistance: Resistant to Swords. Plains of the Lizardmen 1 ~ 0.0009%

Trader Place Cost
Denver Town of Goddard Adena 438,440 adena
Desian Town of Dion Adena 438,440 adena
Dolphren Town of Aden Adena 438,440 adena
Drawin Town of Oren Adena 438,440 adena
Hedinger Town of Rune Adena 438,440 adena
Lyann Gludin Village Adena 438,440 adena
Metar Hunters Village Adena 438,440 adena
Prouse Town of Schuttgart Adena 438,440 adena
Sparky Heine Adena 438,440 adena
Tahoo Town of Gludio Adena 438,440 adena

Can be obtained for the following quest:
Quest Levels Start NPC Restrictions

Fade to Black 82 Priest Greymore Completion of Secret Mission

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