Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breastplate (60%)
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Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breastplate (60%)
For Dwarves only. Recipe for the Sealed Dynasty Breastplate. Requires Create Item (Lv. 9). The success rate is 60%.

To craft an item, its crafter must learn a Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breastplate (60%) Recipe: Sealed Dynasty Breastplate (60%) .
Skill level: 9
Craft chance item: 60%
Number of items crafted: 1
MP Spent: 240

There's a certain chance that instead of this item you may create Foundation Sealed Dynasty Breastplate Foundation Sealed Dynasty Breastplate Grade S.gif.

Trader Place Cost
Denver Town of Goddard Adena 976,000 adena
Desian Town of Dion Adena 976,000 adena
Dolphren Town of Aden Adena 976,000 adena
Drawin Town of Oren Adena 976,000 adena
Hedinger Town of Rune Adena 976,000 adena
Lyann Gludin Village Adena 976,000 adena
Metar Hunters Village Adena 976,000 adena
Prouse Town of Schuttgart Adena 976,000 adena
Shadai Heine Adena 244,000 adena
Hidden First Page Hidden First Page  — 266 pcs.
Hidden Second Page Hidden Second Page  — 661 pcs.
Demon Contract Fragment Demon Contract Fragment  — 67 pcs.
Sparky Heine Adena 976,000 adena
Tahoo Town of Gludio Adena 976,000 adena

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