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    Rainbow Springs Chateau is a contestable Clan Hall on Goddard Territory.
    This hall doesn’t give a clan any passive skills.
    You can manage the Hall and use its functions via NPC Steward Angout.

    Conquering the Hall

    Rainbow Springs Chateau is located to the north of Hot Springs. Conquest of this hall is absolutely different from what you’ve seen before – there are no equivalents in clan halls content. To conquer this place, you need to win a mini-game. Only clans level 5 or higher are eligible for the event. Only 4 clans can compete for taking this hall. The participants need to have 5 or more players in a party.

    How to join. A clan leader in possession of a Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree may register to participate through a messenger NPC up to one hour before the contest begins. The top four clans, owning the highest number of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees amongst them, will be chosen to compete and their clan leaders notified through a system message.

    Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees may be obtained by fishing in the Hot Springs area of Goddard. However, a player must use Hot Springs Bait for fishing bait. If a participating clan requests to cancel in the middle of a siege war registration period, the siege war participation registration is automatically canceled. However, the certificates are not returned at this time. A participating clan may cancel its participation up until the end of the registration period. If this happens, the clan will only get back half of their submitted certificates. The clan that owns the Rainbow Springs Chateau is automatically registered for the next contest. In this case, the top three clans, owning the highest number of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees amongst them, will be chosen to compete.

    How to play. A Rainbow Springs Chateau siege war is held at the eastern arena of Rainbow Springs. After clans are selected to compete, the contest is comprised of a one-hour waiting period, a contest time of 58 minutes, and an end time of two minutes. Registered clans must organize one party with five or more members, with their clan leader as the party leader. The party must move to the arena before the siege war starts and enter the arena through the Caretaker NPC. The surrounding area of the arena is a Peaceful Zone. Participating clans enter into different game fields respectively and through the Caretaker. If a character who is not a party member enters, the clan will not be allowed to enter into the arena. Upon entering the arena, all buffs that are active on all participating characters will be removed, and summoned pet/servitors will disappear and cannot be summoned back into the arena. Once the contest begins, a Hot Springs Yeti NPC and a Hot Springs Gourd NPC appear in the center of the arena and treasure chests appear randomly throughout the arena. The Hot Springs Yeti announces the game rules and helps guide the players. All of the Hot Springs Yeti’s shouts may be collected and then exchanged for various Hot Springs items. Text exchange or Hot Springs item use is only available to the clan leader and clan members. Participants can break the spawned treasure chests in the arena and can acquire text passages. Text items cannot be exchanged; therefore to give them to other characters, they should be dropped first and then picked up. Treasure Chests can only be damaged with your bare hands, however Mimics can be attacked with P. Atk and M. Atk. When using Hot Springs Nectar, an Enraged Yeti spawns at certain intervals and interrupts the game. The Enraged Yeti can be attacked with P. Atk. and M. Atk. The Hot Springs items may be used when the Hot Springs Yeti is a target, and they can reduce the HP of the gourd, cast debuff on other teams, change the gourd, or recover. The team that first destroys the Hot Springs Gourd wins the game. All the participants are then teleported outside of the arena after a 2-minute delay. At the end of the game, a manager NPC appears and cleans the arena by picking up all the item drops. The game continues even if the server goes offline in the middle of the mini-game.

    Clan Hall main functions

    In every clan hall there's a special NPC who activates different functions for a fee. At deactivation, hall features are non-refundable. You can find the info about clan hall features, items on sale, factions and envoys here: Clan Hall functions.

    Teleportation from clan halls

    Level Price Directions
    Level 1 Adena.jpg 2,000 adena Wall of Argos
    Hot Springs
    Shrine of Loyalty
    Level 2 Adena.jpg 2,000 adena Wall of Argos
    Hot Springs
    Shrine of Loyalty
    Garden of Beasts
    Devil's Pass
    Monastery of Silence
    Bloody Swampland
    Isle of Souls Harbor
    Ruins of Ye Sagira
    Guillotine Fortress
    Seal of Shilen
    Adena.jpg 10,000 adena Town of Dion
    Town of Aden
    Talking Island Village
    Dark Elf Village
    Kamael Village
    Keucereus Alliance Base

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    Devastated Castle A Fri 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Aden Territory Loken
    Fortress of the Dead A Thu 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Rune Territory Jacquard
    Fortress of Resistance A Fri 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Dion Territory Brakel
    Rainbow Springs Chateau B Thu 8 p.m. 5 and above 5-7 ppl Goddard Territory Herald
    Wild Beast Reserve B Thu 8 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Rune Territory Herald
    Bandit Stronghold B Fri 8 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Oren Territory Herald

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