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Subclass/Dual Class Master
Raina photo.jpg
Race: Elf
Location Talking Island Village (Gludio Territory)

Item 36190.jpg Blaze BeltAdena 5,970,000 adena
Item 36188.jpg Blaze ShirtAdena 11,941,000 adena
Item 34855.jpg Raina's BoxXP Bottle XP Bottle  — 1 pcs.
Item 36189.jpg Rising BeltAdena 1,999,000 adena
Item 36187.jpg Rising ShirtAdena 3,997,000 adena
Item 34742.jpg Scroll: 500,000,000 XPXP Bottle XP Bottle  — 10 pcs.

Quest Type Levels Reward Restrictions
Red Thread of Fate Onetime quest 85 See Description