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Raiders Crossroads

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Raiders Crossroads
Map Raiders Crossroads.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 97 - 99
Party size 1 party (7 players)
Herbs non drops

Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 1.jpg Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 2.jpg Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 3.jpg

Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 4.jpg Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 5.jpg Перекресток Разбойников скриншот 6.jpg

The Nerva Orcs are independent from the Ragna Orcs, though their origins are the same. Dreaming of reviving the Kingdom of Orcs, they turned to the dark side under Triol's influence, who had taken the looks of Pa'agrio, and started conquering the lands belonging to all orcs.

In order to bring about her own resurrection, Shilen utilized Triol, one of the 4 Great Demons, to bring monsters into the material world, and communicate with Lindvior in Gracia, acting as a bridge between the demon world and the material world. The beginning of Triol’s expansion of power stemmed from the Nerva Orcs at the Raider’s Crossroads.

How to get to Raider's Crossroads

Raider's Crossroads – is a party hunting zone level 97. Raider's Crossroads is located on the territory previously known as Frozen Waterfalls. You can get to Raider's Crossroads using Sayune located in the northern part of the Town of Gainak. You can choose the right or the left part of the zone.

Using Sayune to teleport.jpg
The prison.jpg
Using Sayune to teleport The prison


Saving the Treasure Dealer

Raider's Crossroads belongs to the Nerva Orcs who have built many barracks there. Among other buildings, there's a prison where the Treasure Dealer is held captive.

When you kill the Nerva Orcs on the Raider's Crossroads, there's a certain probability of getting Nerva's Temporary Prison Key. The key is used to open the door to Nerva's Temporary Prison.

If you save Treasure Dealer Kaysen and then talk to him, there's a low probability of getting an additional reward. However, Kaysen may turn into a monster - Nerva Kaiser.

Nerva Bloodlust mobs

In every barrack of the location there are different Nerva Bloodlust mobs. They form a group around Nerva Bloodlust Captains, however the members of the group are always different.

They appear in groups of 4-5 mobs (including the Captain). There can be any combination of mobs : for example, a party may consist of 4 Soldier mobs (who specialize on P. Atk.), or of 4 diferent mobs: an Archer, a Wizard, a Soldier, and an Assassin. It lends variety to the hunting process.

Nerva Orc Merchants

Among other mobs dwelling in Raider's Crossroads, there are also Nerva Orc Merchants mobs. During a battle they escape from the centre of the barracks. If you kill such a mob, you'll get 10,000,000 Adena. Please be attentive to cash it on.

Killing Nerva Orc Prefect

There are 4 outposts in Raider's Crossroads. There's a Nerva Orc Prefect mob around each outpost. If you kill all 4 prefects, then during the following hour the mobs in Raider's Crossroads don't attack first. Talk to Tyren in Raider's Crossroads to teleport to each outpost where Nerva Orc Prefects dwell.


Raider's Crossroads - Monsters

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Nerva Orc Raider 98 : : 171766099 171815
Nerva Orc Wizard 98 : : 200289115 200339
Nerva Orc Archer 98 : : : 185462171 185549
Nerva Bloodlust Assassin (Raiders Crossroads) 99 : : : : : : 56356730 56453
Nerva Orc Assassin 99 : : 190805181 190825
Nerva Orc Prefect 99 : : 497145041 497204
Nerva Orc Warrior 99 : : 394048714 394098
Nerva Bloodlust Captain (Raiders Crossroads) 99 : : 312430691 312455
Nerva Kaiser 99 : : 1752885033 1752908
Nerva Bloodlust Wizard (Raiders Crossroads) 99 : : : : : : 56356730 56453
Nerva Orc Ambusher 99 : : : 162338275 162402
Nerva Orc Priest 99 : : : 227222267 227285
Nerva Orc Elite 99 : : 175289414 175339
Nerva Bloodlust Soldier (Raiders Crossroads) 99 : : : : : : 56356730 56453
Nerva Bloodlust Archer (Raiders Crossroads) 99 : : : : : : 56356730 56453
Nerva Orc Merchant 99 : : 220810845 220816

Raider's Crossroads - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Raid Boss Nerva Chief Turakan 99 : : : : : : : : : : 5380749000 8609198

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
An Impending Threat Onetime quest 97 Mathias XP 100,506,183
SP 241,212
Elixir of Life (R-grade) Elixir of Life (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 50 pcs.
Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 50 pcs.
Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) (Event) Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) (Event) Grade R.gif — 10000 pcs.
Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 10000 pcs.
Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads
No Requirements
Operation Roaring Flame Solo questDaily quest 97 Bruener XP 12,060,741,960
SP 28,945,440
Elixir of Life (R-grade) Elixir of Life (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 5 pcs.
Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 5 pcs.
Elixir of Blessing Elixir of Blessing Grade R.gif — 5 pcs.
Energy of Destruction Energy of Destruction
Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads
Elmore's Noble Box Elmore's Noble Box
Complete: An Impending Threat
Hit and Run Onetime quest 99 Bruener See Description Complete An Impending Threat
Timing is Everything Onetime quest 99 Bruener XP 2,147,483,647
SP 515,396
Complete An Impending Threat

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