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Raid Zone: Helios

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Raid Zone: Helios
Territory Giran Territory
Optimal Level 102 and higher
Party size 10 groups (70 ppl)
Herbs non drops

Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 1.jpg Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 2.jpg Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 3.jpg

Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 4.jpg Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 5.jpg Рейдовая Зона- Хелиос скриншот 6.jpg

How to get into Raid Zone: Helios

The zone is located above the Town of Giran. You can get to the raid zone by talking to Kekropus. You need one command channel consisting of at least 70 characters level 102 or above.


The battle with Helios is divided into 3 phases, in which the raid boss takes different shapes. To complete the raid successfully, during some phases you need to use special items.

Shape 1 Shape 2 Shape 3
Хелиос форма1.jpg Хелиос форма2.jpg Хелиос форма3.jpg

On phases 1 and 3 Helios summons strong minions. There are 4 types of minions, and Helios will summon 20 minions in total. On stages 2 and 3 a huge cannon called Leopold will join the battle. The cannon consists of 4 parts located on the zone perimeter. It deals great damage on the area.

On phase 2 Helios summons Helios Blue Lightning and Helios Red Lightning: to spheres, red and blue. Helios can move between them, gaining different abilities. The red lightning deals great damage, and the blue one burns mana and decreases P. Def. of the raid. The lightings can be destroyed. To protect yourself from such debuffs, talk to Kekropus to buy Giants Deterioration Protection Potion Giants Deterioration Protection Potion and Giants Lightning Protection Potion Giants Lightning Protection Potion .

At phase 3 Helios uses the Shield of Light - Pranarach skill and becomes invincible. To cancel the shield, you need to use a Particle Dissolver Particle Dissolver (you can buy it from Kekropus as well). Particle Dissolver Particle Dissolver creates the "Dissolving Shield of Light Particles" effect. When the effect is summed up 50 times, the shield falls. Besides, at phase 3 Kamael Guards descend from the sky.

When Helios goes to phase 2, he summons 3 raid bosses in the world of Elmoreden instead of common ones (they have the Helios Calling title). Such raid bosses exist for 24 hours. If during Helios Calling a common boss is on its place, it is replaced with the enchanted one, the the boss is not there, an enchanted one appears on its place. If you destroy a summoned boss, then on its place Superion Scouts will appear for 24 hours: Delta Kshana, Delta Carcass and Delta Bathus. After 24 hours normal mobs of the zone will appear.

Name Level Zone
Enhanced Harnak's Wraith 92 Harnak Underground Ruins 3rd floor
Enhanced Core 97 Cruma Tower 1st floor
Enhanced Mimir 102 Giant's Cave

The characters 5+levels higher that raid bosses will get the Giants Raid Curse debuff.

Lvl Skill Name Description
Skill 4515 2.jpg 2 Giants Raid Curse A curse from the Raid Guardian. The body turns stiff temporarily due to a Petrify spell. Players attempting to defeat Raid Monsters whose level is 5 or more less than themselves, or those who do not satisfy the necessary raid conditions are afflicted. This curse cannot be lifted.


Raid Zone: Helios

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Emperor of the Beginning Helios 105 : : : : 6127016742000 12254033484

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