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    General information about PvP

    Apart from sieges and clan wars, you need to attack a player forcefully to start a battle on a common territory. To start this type of attack, press Ctrl and double-click the opponent. You can also press Ctrl and use a skill. There's only one exception in the rules of this forced attack - aggressive (flagged), or chaotic characters. You don't need to hold Ctrl when you attack such characters. Just click such a character to start a battle. Some territories, such as villages and towns, are peaceful zones. No PvP battles are allowed in such areas.

    The process of one-to-one battles us based on colour marks. The name of any character attacking any other character becomes purple (aggressive). It applies for anyone who attacks an aggressive character as well. Players don't get penalties for attacking and killing aggressive characters. However, when you attack and kill neutral characters (their names are white), your Karma points and PK counter increase, and your character becomes chaotic.

    The name of a chaotic character becomes red, and the guards of any village or township will attack such a character as soon as it appears within their sight. Chaotic characters cannot use shops. The table below shows the colour system:

    Character A Combat Character B Result (Character A) Adding Karma
    White Hit White Purple > White No
    White Killing White Red Yes
    White Hit Purple Purple > White No
    White Hitting or killing Red White No
    Purple Killing White Red Yes
    Purple Killing Purple Purple > White No
    Red Killing White Red Yes
    Red Killing Purple Red No

    For killing defenceless characters a character gets negative reputation points, the the character's status is changed into PK (Player Killer), its nickname is displayed in dark red colour (little reputation) or in bright red colour (much reputation). The more negative reputation, the longer a character stays in PK status. Reputation points are increased when killing mobs or when losing XP at death. As it's impossible to lose level at death (the percentage, when it reaches 0.00% at the current level, it is not changed anymore), reputation doesn't increase. Characters in PK status don't gain XP when killing mobs, so it's impossible to lose reputation by killing mobs and dying. A character with 0.00% XP can decrease their karma only by killing mobs of the corresponding level. If any character kills a PK character, the former gets positive reputation points. If any character kills a PK character, the former gets positive karma points, and its name is displayed in dark green (few points) or on bright green (many points). If a character has positive reputation, it increases over time.

    Combat Points in PvP

    Combat Points (CP) give an additional level of protection when attacked by other players. CP looks like a bar of defence which needs to be exhausted so the damage received could affect the health points of your character. You can see the amount of your CP in your character's status window (Alt+T) and in the left upper corner of the game window.

    If your characters is attacked by other players (including pets and servitors), CP are spent at first and health point (HP) remain unchanged. Is CP is not enough to consume the received damage, HP are spent instead.

    Like HP, CP are restored over time. The amount of CP is different depending on the class and the level of a particular character.

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