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Private Store

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Private Store - sale

In your Private Store you can buy or sell items; you can also sell packages (several items in one set). Using a Private Store players buy and sell items while their character is in the game.
You can sell items in Private Store or via NPCs via Auction House.
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Trade rules

  • You can only sell those items which can be sold in Private Store.
  • You can sell only the items from your inventory; the items from your Warehouse will not be displayed.
  • Private Store - Package Sale - is the type of sale when you sell a set of items, meaning all the items from the set will be sold altogether to on character. You can't buy one item if a character uses Private Store - Package Sale.
  • Private Store is active as long as you don't log out from the game.

Amount of items to sell/buy

  • The max amount of items to put on sale is 3 (4 for dwarves).
  • The max amount of items to buy is 4 (5 for dwarves).
  • The max amount of packages to put on sale is 3 (4 for dwarves).

You can increase the amount of slots to sell/buy items by 3 if you use the Expand Trade skill (can be learned from Fishing Guild Members for Elcyum Powder Elcyum Powder .). Each skill level increases the amount of slots for buying/selling/selling packages by 1.
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Trade process

There are several ways to start trading via your Private Store.

Open the Actions window (Alt + C) and choose the necessary action in the "Basic" part:

  • Торговая лавка - продажа.jpg Sets up a private store to sell your items.
  • Торговая лавка - покупка.jpg Sets up a private store to purchase items.
  • Торговая лавка - продажа упаковок.jpg Open a personal store for package sale.

Open the Menu window (Alt + X) and choose "Private Store".

Private Store - via menu.jpg

You can also use Commands:

  • Sale: /vendor
  • Purchase: /buy
  • Package Sale: /packagesale

Choose the necessary items in your inventory, define the amount and the price.

Private Store - Sale - define price.jpg

Private Store - Sale - define amount.jpg

Depending on the price, the numbers change their colour.

Sum Colour
up to 9,999 Colour 1000.jpg
up to 99,999 Colour 10000.jpg
up to 999,999 Colour 100000.jpg
up to 9,999,999 Colour 1000000.jpg
up to 99,999,999 Colour 10000000.jpg
up to 999,999,999 Colour 100000000.jpg
up to 9,999,999,999 Colour 1000000000.jpg
up to 99,999,999,999 Colour 10000000000.jpg
up to 999,999,999,999 Colour 100000000000.jpg

Press the button to start.

Depending on the action you've chosen, you character will start buying or selling, and the message above your character's head will have a corresponding colour.

Sale Purchase Package Sale:
Private Store - start sale - writing.jpg Private Store - start purchase - writing.jpg Private Store - start package sale - writing.jpg

Private Store - signboard.jpg

As you open your Private Store, you can write a message (29 characters max) to let others know what you buy/sell in your store. You can edit the message any time you like.

Private Store - search.jpg

To find a certain ite to buy/sell in private stores of other players, open the Action Window (Alt + C) and choose the Поиск Торговой лавки.jpg action (or use the /findprivatestore command). The messages of the private stores containing the search word, will be highlighted.

Press the "History" button to find the info about your sales or purchases. The info is kept until restart or relog.

Buying and selling items in Private Store

The process is just the same as with NPC traders: drag the items you need, choose the amount and press 'Accept'. When you hover a mouse, you'll see the price for 1 item and the total sum. Please be careful: players can set any price they like; so make sure the price is ok for you before buying anything.

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