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Prison of Darkness

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Prison of Darkness
Map Prison of Darkness.jpg
Territory Magmeld
Optimal Level 90 - 95
Party size 7 ppl
Herbs non drops

Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 1.jpg Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 2.jpg Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 3.jpg

Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 4.jpg Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 5.jpg Тюрьма Изгнанников Тьмы скриншот 6.jpg

Long ago, the goddess Einhasad called the heroes of the world to come live in Magmeld, the place of eternal beauty and goodness. However, Gran Kain's trickery lured lesser beings to Magmeld, as well. Einhasad decreed that these flawed beings must be separated from her favored ones. She ordered the Angel Paulina to confine these lesser beings to a penal colony.

One of the prisoners, Spezion, defied Einhasad and led a rebellion. Spezion hoped to bring the plight of the captives to the attention of the rest of the gods, but he was betrayed by his trusted friend Octavis and the rebellion was crushed. In retribution, Einhasad sentenced Spezion to the Prison of Darkness. There, behind bars of starlight, Spezion was slowly driven mad by his memories of betrayal and failure.

How to get into

Prison of Darkness is located under the Ancient City Arcan. The zone itself is a common hunting zone. Inside it there’s an entrance to the temporary zone Instance Zone: Raid Boss Spezion. To get inside the Prison of Darkness you need to complete the series of quests for access. This series has variants of completion:

Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog
Unsettling Shadow and Rumors
Unstoppable Futile Efforts Creation of Twisted Spiral
The Corrupted Leader Abandoned God's Creature
The Corrupted Leader: His Truth Peaceful Days are Over
To the Prison of Darkness
Undecaying Memory of the Past
Orbis' Witch
Decaying Darkness (quest)
Owner of Hall

Восклицательный знак.png Attention!

You can complete both variants of the quests


Having completed the quests, you can get inside the Prison of Darkness by talking to Gatekeeper Sookie. The zone itself is a common hunting zone. In this zone you complete all the necessary tasks to get access to the temporary zone of Raid Boss Spezion:

1. During you hunt you can get an item: Item 17611.jpg Giant Cannonball . You need to load the cannons in this zone with this item.

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2. When a cannon shoots, starlight starts shining above a part of the zone, and a timer will appear above the mobs under this starlight. If you kill a mob before the countdown is over, the following quest items will drop: Memory Fragment, Frightening Memory Fragment, you'll need them to get inside the temporary zone of Raid Boss Spezion. Each party member should have these items. To enter the temporary zone of Raid Boss Spezion one of the items is spent. Items are not transferrable. If you’re disconnected from the server, the item is not spent when you enter the zone for the second time.

9f902369b7a3fb849971846e.jpg 1de28b61c175787052afbc65.jpg
Entrance to Instance Zone: Raid Boss Spezion

Prison of Darkness - Normal Mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Median Phantom (2) 92 : : : 864540 208
Novice Phantom Wizard 92 : : 823012 198
Novice Phantom (1) 92 : : 823012 198
Wraith Warrior 93 : : : 1804286 434
Wraith Guardian 93 : : : 1804286 434

Prison of Darkness - Mutated Mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Novice Escort Wizard 94 : : 1760288 423
Novice Escort Swordsman 94 : : 1760288 423
Median Royal Guard (94 lvl) 94 : : : 1895389 455
Median Royal Guard (95 lvl) 95 : : 1938619 466

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Orbis' Witch Onetime quest 95 Opera Adena 506,760 adena
XP 7,412,805
Available SP 1,779
No requirements

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