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Plunderers Plains

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Plunderers Plains
Map Plunderers Plains.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 103 - 104
Party size
Herbs non drops

Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 1.jpg Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 2.jpg Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 3.jpg

Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 4.jpg Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 5.jpg Разграбленные Равнины скриншот 6.jpg

The Plunderers Plains are located east of Schuttgart Castle. This area was once a very important transportation hub that connected Dwarven villages and the Town of Schuttgart by railroad. This vile and unlawful area is now full of brigands who target Dwarven merchants. There are field hunting ground here with monsters at level 30 to 40.

Plunderers Plains - mobs

Location Name Level Properties EXP SP

Valanga Orc Warrior 104 : : 35790144 32124
Valanga Orc Slaughterer 104 : : 35790144 32124
Valanga Orc Scout 104 : : 35790144 32124
Valanga Orc Shaman 104 : : 35790144 32124

Plunderers Plains - Raid Bosses

Location Name Level Properties EXP SP

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