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Pitiable Maliss

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Pitiable Maliss
Level: 99+
Quest type Repeatable questParty QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Mystic Tavern / Schuttgart Territory
Start NPC Sayan
Reward Adena.jpg 1,186,000 adena
Item 15623.jpg 6,362,541,900
Item 15624.jpg 15,270,101
Random reward:
Mystic Armor Piece Mystic Armor Piece  — 1 pcs.
Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern  — 1 pcs.
Frenzied Tauti's Fragment Frenzied Tauti's Fragment  — 1 pcs.
Insane Kelbim's Fragment Insane Kelbim's Fragment  — 1 pcs.


  1. Talk to Sayan.
  2. Kill the following mobs in the labyrinth: Frost Glacier Golem, Glacier Golem. You need to get Ice Crystal Shard Ice Crystal Shard  — 10 pcs..
  3. Go to the palace (when Sirra appears, the party leader needs to talk to her) and talk to Sayan.
  4. Watch the movie about Melisa's recovery.
  5. Defeat Freya (you won't kill her, however her HP needs to reach the min. level, otherwise you won't be able to complete the instance).
  6. Talk to Owner Settlen.


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