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General information about pets

In Lineage II Universe any player can have a pet. What is the difference between pets and servitors?

  • own inventory;
  • ability to use special weapon and special armor
  • lifetime is not limited.

How to get a pet

Type Character’s level Quest Details
Wolf 15+ Get a Pet
Hatchling 35+ Little Wing
Strider 45+ Little Wing's Big Adventure To start this quest, you need to have a Hatchling lvl 55 or higher. Can be also obtained for Territory Badges from a Mercenary Captain.
Baby Kookaburra 24+ Help the Son! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Dion, Fortress of Resistance
Baby Buffalo 25+ Help the Uncle! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Gludin, Town of Gludio, Town of Schuttgart, Bandit Stronghold, Rainbow Springs Chateau
Baby Cougar 24+ Help the Sister! You can buy a Pet Exchange Ticket in the Clan Halls: in Town of Giran, Town of Aden, Rune Township, Town of Goddard, Fortress of the Dead, Devastated Castle.
Wyvern You need to bring a Strider lvl 55 and B-Grade crystals to a Wyvern Manager in a Castle or in a Clan Hall
Deinonychus A trophy from mobs and Raid Bosses on Primeval Isle.
Maguen - - A trophy from mobs in Seed of Annihilation zone.

Pet interface

Pet interface window opens when you double-click your pet. There are 3 tabs: Status, Actions, Items.

In Status tab you can see your pet’s HP/MP, XP, and main characteristics.

In Actions tab there are buttons to activate actions and skills of a pet.

In Items tab you can see pet’s inventory, weapon and armor, food, and the items a pet picks up.

Pets can use Beast Soulshots and Spiritshots. Such items are used from master’s inventory.

Controlling a pet

  • Stay – a pet either follows its master or, if pressed again, stops at the spot.
  • Attack – a pet attacks the target.
  • Stop – stops pet’s current action.
  • Pickup – pet picks up items from the ground
  • Return/Unsummon – when a pet is unsummoned, all items .remain in pet’s inventory (only when a pet is not taking part in a combat)
  • Move to target

Pet inventory

In a pet inventory there are 12 slots for armor, weapon, food and other items. There are penalties for pets related to the weight they carry.

Weight 50% and more The speed of HP/MP restoration is reduced
Weight 60% and more Pet’s speed is reduced by 50%
The speed of HP/MP restoration is reduced
Weight 80% and more Pet’s speed is reduced by 50%
HP/MP don’t restore

Tending a pet

Summoning a pet

  • You can summon only 1 pet/servitor at a time
  • To summon a pet, you need a special item
  • You cannot summon/unsummon your pet in a combat

Feeding a pet

  • If you don’t feed your pet on time and its hunger level is below 10%, your pet will not be getting any XP, you won’t be able to control it, but it WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!
  • Pet Managers sell food for pets.
  • Pets consume different amounts of food depending on the state they’re in: a combat or non-combat. In a combat mode your pet’s fullness level reduces about 2 times quicker.
  • Pets can increase their fullness level automatically. You just need to place food to your pet’s inventory. Your pet will feed when it’s fullness level is below 55%.

Equipping a pet

  • Pets can use special armor, weapon and accessories. Some pets cannot use weapon and/or armor.
  • Players can ride on some pets.
  • Different types of pets use special weapon and armor for their type.
  • You can equip one weapon, one armor and one accessory on your pet at one time.
  • When you unsummon and resummon your pet, all the items will be equipped again,
  • To equip a pet, move all the necessary items to your pet’s inventory and double-click them. If you’ve done it right, the items will be highlighted with a coloured frame. It means your pet is using them.

Shots for pets

A pet, just like a character, has its own inventory to store different items. However, there are certain restrictions: a pet cannot keep arrows, soulshots, spiritshots, blessed spiritshots or compressed shots.

Special Beast Soulshots, Beast Spiritshots and Blessed Spiritshots for pets can be bought from Pet Managers in any township. You need to use such items from your own inventory. To make a pet use an item, move it to pet’s inventory and double-click it.

Pet Development

  • A pet consumes a part of its master’s XP.
  • A pet doesn’t get XP before its master has completed a quest.
  • If your pet’s lvl is lower than yours, it gets less XP. The more the difference – the less XP your pet gets.
  • If your pet’s lvl is higher than yours, it gets more XP. The more the difference – the more XP your pet gets.
  • If your pet’s lvl is 20 lvls higher than yours (or even higher), the pets stops obeying you.
  • If your mount’s level is 10+ lvls more than yours, the speed of your movement on the mount decreases.
  • Some pets evolve as they gain more levels. Some pets need to complete a quest to evolve, and some don’t.

Transferring a pet

  • To transfer a pet, you need to transfer the item that summons it.
  • You need to clean up your pet’s inventory to transfer a pet, send it by mail or sell it via your private trade.

Pet’s death

  • You can resurrect a pet within 24 hours from its death. A pet can be resurrected with a Scroll of Resurrection or with healers’ help.
  • A pet loses a certain amount of XP when it dies.
  • If a character kills a pet in a non-combat (unflagged) state, the character received a certain amount of karma, but PK counter doesn’t change.

Dismissal of a pet

  • To dismiss a pet you need to get rid of the item summoning the pet.
  • When you dismiss a pet, it gets dismissed with all the items in its inventory. Be careful when you dismiss a pet.
  • You cannot restore it.

Types of pets


In Freya update new Maguen pets were added. There are 2 types of Maguen pets. There’s a chance to get a Maguen in Seed of Annihilation zone while collecting Maguen Plasma. For further info, see Maguens


There are three types of Hatchlings: Hatchling of the Stars, Hatchling of the Wind and Hatchling of Twilight. When a master is lvl 45 and the Hatchling is lvl 55, you can complete a quest and your Hatchling will evolve into a Strider.
For further info, see Hatchlings


Pets with strong Physical attack. A wolf can evolve on lvl 55. There are 4 steps of evolution for this type of pets. One of such steps is available to Rune Township owners.
For further info, see Wolves

Детеныш Кугуара.jpg

Baby Pets
There are three types of pets. They evolve on lvl 55. They are intended to help their master with strengthening magic and healing.
For further info, see Baby Pets


This is a new pet is added to Gracia Plus update. Can be obtained as trophy while killing mobs in Primeval Isle
For further info, see Deinonychus (pet)


Vitamin Pets.
You can buy such pets in the Game Shop for special vouchers.
For further info, see Vitamin Pets

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