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Perfect Form

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Perfect Form
Level: 82+
Quest type Soloing QuestRepeatable quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Beast Farm / Rune Territory
Start NPC Kelleyia
Reward Recipes and main materials for making Icarus weapon
Info You can complete this quest once per day.


Talk to Kelleyia on the Beast Farm.


  1. Go to the Beast Farm, kill the following mobs: Alpine Kookaburra, Alpine Cougar, Alpine Buffalo and Alpine Grendel, each by 10.


  2. Talk to Kelleyia on the Beast Farm and get the reward.



The reward depends on how many mobs your character killed with over-hit.

N mobs
killed with over-hit
Possible reward
Item 15482.jpg Golden Spice Crate , Item 15483.jpg Crystal Spice Compressed Pack (base reward)
1 item from the following list:
1 item from the following list:
1 item from the following list:

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