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Pavel Ruins

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Pavel Ruins
Map Pavel Ruins.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 85 - 90
Party size Solo or 7
Herbs non drops

Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 1.jpg Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 2.jpg Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 3.jpg

Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 4.jpg Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 5.jpg Заброшенная Мастерская скриншот 6.jpg


During Lesser Giant period, a huge research center was built in this place. Originally it was a research place for a Giant named Pavel to study climate phenomenon. But an explosion from an unknown source turned the center into ashes. This land has been abandoned, and only evil creatures wandered around until recently. However, ever since Star Stone that possesses awesome power was discovered, this region drew attention from Dwarves and Dark Dwarves. Currently, Dr. Chaos (also called Mad Scientist) is occupying this place after completing his creation of fearsome Golem Army using Star Stone.


Pavel Ruins Teleport.jpg

The hunting zone is meant for solo hunting for characters level 85 and above. You can teleport to Pavel Ruins through NPC Gatekeeper Bilia from the Town of Schuttgart. The mobs in the zone don't help each other, so solo hunting is not a problem. The mobs use Earth Attribute, though, so it can be a bit complicated.


Pavel Ruins - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Cruel Pincer Golem 87 : : 363614 454
Scout-type Golem No. 28 87 : : 363614 454
Horrifying Jackhammer Golem 87 : : 363614 454

Related quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Seven Signs, Mysterious Girl Onetime quest 81 Wood XP 10,000,000
SP 2,400
No Requirements

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