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Paulina's Guard Agathion Charm

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Paulina's Guard Agathion Charm

A charm that activates the power of Paulina's Guard Agathion.

Unique Abilities become active only when applied to a light armor set enchanted to +8 or higher.

When equipped in a main slot, it summons the Agathion and activates Special Abilities. When equipped in a sub slot, only its Unique Abilities become active.

Weight: 5
Durability: -
Cannot be sold in a public store.

See Also:

Item Description
Skill 35087 1.jpg Agathion's Trick Watch the Agathion's trick.

Trader Place Cost
Black Marketeer of Mammon Elcyum Powder Elcyum Powder  — 23 pcs.
Guard Agathion Fragment Guard Agathion Fragment  — 10 pcs.

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 48758.jpg Red Libra's 6 Guard Agathion Charm Gift Box

Skill 18642 14.jpg +7 Guard Agathion Charm Box
Skill 39208 14.jpg Red Libra's +6 Guard Agathion Charm Gift Box

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