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Map Parnassus.jpg
Territory Innadril Territory
Optimal Level 0 and higher
Party size

Парнас скриншот 1.jpg Парнас скриншот 2.jpg Парнас скриншот 3.jpg

Парнас скриншот 4.jpg Парнас скриншот 5.jpg Парнас скриншот 6.jpg

Since Parme’s been gone, this place is most safe on the Isle of Prayer. Players of different levels can travel to several hunting zones from Parnassus. They can get to some of the zones by feet. There’s also a special portal in the middle of the location.

Temporary zones of the Crystal Caverns

Crystal Caverns Zone Name Recommended level Description
Перламутровый Зал лого.jpg
Emerald Square 97+ The zone is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. You can challenge the Raid Boss Veridan.
Огненный коридор лого.jpg
Steam Corridor 97+ The zone is available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You can challenge the Raid Boss Kechi.
Подводный Сад лого.jpg
Coral Garden 97+ The zone is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You can challenge the Raid Boss Michaela.
Зал Кораллового Сада лого.jpg
Coral Garden Hall 97+ If you’ve walked through Emerald Square, Steam Corridor or Coral Garden in 40 minutes or less, your group will receive additional 10 minutes to the bonus zone.
Кристальная Тюрьма лого.jpg
Crystal Prison 97+ Through the Crystal Prison Entrance Portal you can get to the Raid Bosses Baylor и Balok. Access to these Raid Bosses is reset each Wednesday and Saturday at 6.30.

Isle of Prayer Zones

Hunting Zone Recommended
Hunting Zone Type Recommended amount
of players in a party
Кристальный Остров лого.jpg
Isle of Prayer 78+ Field 1-2 players
Цветное Нагорье лого.jpg
Chromatic Highlands 78+ Field 5-7 players
Парнас лого.jpg
Parnassus - Field -
Особняк Темного Облака лого.jpg
Dark Cloud Mansion 78+ Instanced zone 5-7 players

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