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Octavis Cavern

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Octavis Cavern
Map Octavis Cavern.jpg
Territory Magmeld
Optimal Level 95 - 96
Party size 1-5 party (7-35 ppl)
Zone reset time Wednesday, Saturday, 6:30

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General Info

Entrance to Octavis Cavern

Octavis’s Cavern is a party instanced zone for 7-35 players level 95-97. The entrance to the zone is located in Orbis Temple. You can get into Orbis Temple from Ancient City Arcan by talking to Gatekeeper Sookie.

  • To fight Octavis, talk to NPC Divine Messenger Lydia located inside Orbis Temple.
  • You need a command channel to enter.
  • Access to Octavis’s Cavern is reset each Wednesday and Saturday at 6.30 a.m.
  • Players have 1 hour to complete the task.

Walkthrough guide

Before the battle you will see a video showing Octavis descending from above in his chariot. The battle is divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1

On the first stage Octavis is moving in circles shooting at the characters. On this stage, Octavis cannot be targeted and attacked until the HP of Octavis' Beasts dragging his chariot is reduced to less than 50%. Then you need to reduce Octavis' HP to minimum so the nest stage could begin.

Stage 2

After the video Octavis remains in the centre of the hall. He will use short-range attacks and knock back skills on this stage. He'll also summon such helpers as Beasts of the Arena and Octavis' Gladiator from time to time, When Octavis' HP reaches its minimal value, the next stage begins.

Stage 3

After the video Octavis remains in the centre of the hall. On this stage Octavis mainly uses magic attacks. He also summons such helpers as Octavis' Chief Curator.


Octavis’s Cavern - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Octavis 98 : : : : 16629786992 26607659

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Owner of Hall Onetime quest 95 Lydia Adena 23,655,000 adena
XP 897,850,000
SP 215,484
Octavis' Bracelet Octavis' Bracelet Grade R.gif
Completion of Decaying Darkness Quest

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