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Nornils Garden

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Nornils Garden
Map Nornils Garden.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 93 - 98
Party size 1 party (5 - 7 ppl)
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Everyday, 6:30

Сад Норнил скриншот 1.jpg Сад Норнил скриншот 2.jpg Сад Норнил скриншот 3.jpg

Сад Норнил скриншот 4.jpg Сад Норнил скриншот 5.jpg Сад Норнил скриншот 6.jpg

There are rumors that you can meet Kamael god Nornil in the garden. Dr. Chaos' arrival has made a great impact on him: the only thing he can think of is how to avenge the intruders.

General Info

Nornil's Garden is a party instanced zone for 7 players level 93-98. Timer resets each Wednesday at 6.30 a.m.

You can teleport to the zone from Nornil's Cave via NPC Nornil Teleport Device to "Boz Core", then you need to talk to NPC Boz Core.

  • In order to get into the instance, your party leader need to talk to NPC Boz Core.
  • You party needs to stay close to NPC Boz Core so everyone could get teleported into the instance.

Walkthrough guide

The instance zone consists of 4 interconnected rooms with dividers. You can get into the next room only if you meet the necessary requirements. Raid Boss Spicula Zero dwells in the fourth room.

Room one

In order to get into the next room, you need to defeat Spicula Clone Generator Boz, however at the beginning you won't be able to target it. Spicula Clone Generator Boz will summon several monsters, and you need to defeat them. When they are defeated, you will be able to target Spicula Clone Generator Boz and destroy it.

Room two

In room two you'll find 4 Spicula Clone Generator Boz devices. Three of them are fake, and one is real. If you attack a fake Boz, it'll summon 5-6 mobs and disappear. If you attack the real Boz, the fake ones will disappear (several monsters will also be summoned). If you defeat all monsters in the room, the door to the next room will open.

Room three

In the third room you need to destroy all mobs and Spicula Clone Generator Boz.

Room four

Raid Boss Spicula Zero dwells in the fourth room. Spicula Clone Generator Boz devices are located on each side, but you won't be able to attack them. If the Raid Boss is attacked, the door will close, and Spicula Clone Generator Boz devices will start summoning monsters.


Nornil's Garden - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Elite Soldier Clone 1 93 : : : : : 0 0
Spicula's Elite Member No. 1 (Nornil's Garden) 93 : : : : : 0 0
Elite Soldier Clone 2 94 : : : : : 0 0
Spicula's Elite Member No. 2 (Nornil's Garden) 94 : : : : : 0 0
Spicula's Elite Lieutenant (Nornil's Garden) 95 : : : : : 0 0
Spicula's Elite Captain (Nornil's Garden) 95 : : : : : 0 0

Nornil's Garden - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Raid Boss Spicula Zero 96 : : : : : 2109284352 506229

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Soulless One Onetime quest 93 Hesed XP 817,330,500
Available SP 196,159
Complete Mysterious Journey
Special Mission: Nornil's Garden Onetime quest 93 - 96 Penny XP 1,193,302,530
Available SP 1,193,280
Scroll of Escape: Nornil's Cave Scroll of Escape: Nornil's Cave
Faction Points Faction Points  — 130 pcs.
Adventure Guild Faction Faction Level 5 or higher

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