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Infinite Depths

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Infinite Depths
Map Infinite Depths.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 99 - 104
Party size 1 party (2-7 ppl)
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Everyday, 6:30

Вечное Пристанище скриншот 1.jpg Вечное Пристанище скриншот 2.jpg Вечное Пристанище скриншот 3.jpg

Вечное Пристанище скриншот 4.jpg Вечное Пристанище скриншот 5.jpg Вечное Пристанище скриншот 6.jpg

How to get into Infinite Depths

Infinite Depths, or Nightmare Kamaloka, is an instanced zone for 2-7 characters level 99-104.

  • You can enter through Captain Kurtiz in the Town of Aden.
  • Players have 1 hour to walk through the instance. After that the instance will close and all characters will be teleported out of it.
  • The dungeon status is reset every day at 6:30 AM server time.


  • The bosses of each floor in the instance dungeon must be defeated in order to proceed to the next floor.
  • The reward is given only after defeating the last Raid Boss.


Infinite Depths - 1 floor

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Tracker Mino 100 : : : : 6782756400 13565600

Infinite Depths - 2 floor

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Ill-fated Princess Sola 100 : : : : 6782756400 13565600

Infinite Depths - 3 floor

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Fallen Angel Ariarc 100 : : : : 12596547600 25193100

Infinite Depths - 4 floor

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Confined Princess Sirra 100 : : : : 12596547600 25193100

Infinite Depths - 5 floor

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Betrayed Dark Rider 101 : : : : 58137911945 116275895

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