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New Power, Winds of Fate

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This article will be removed as the content has been removed from the game

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When you have completed all Balthus Knights' quests, you'll get level 85 (0% XP)

New Power, Winds of Fate
Level: No level
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: Complete Charge at Antharas.
Race: Ertheia
Class: Any class
Start location Balthus Knight Barracks / Giran Territory
Start NPC Stig Mach
Reward Chaos Pomander Chaos Pomander  — 2 pcs.
Graduation Gift Graduation Gift
Paulina's Equipment Set (R-grade) Paulina's Equipment Set (R-grade)
Sayha's Box Sayha's Box


  1. Talk to Balthus Knight Captain Stig Mach in Balthus Knight Barracks to go to Queen Navari.


  2. Talk to Queen Navari, to go through Liberation and get the power of Eviscerator or Sayha's Seer.


  3. After Liberation talk to Monk of Chaos in the Reliquary of the Giants and get access to the Hidden in Chaos quest.

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