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Mystic Tavern - Kain

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Mystic Tavern - Kain
Map Mystic Tavern - Kain.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 103 - 104
Party size 1 party (5-7 ppl)
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - 6:30

Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 1.jpg Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 2.jpg Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 3.jpg

Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 4.jpg Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 5.jpg Таинственная Таверна - Кайн скриншот 6.jpg

General Info

Mystic Tavern - Kain is a party instanced zone for 5-7 players level 103-104.

  • You can teleport to the zone from the Mystic Tavern in Underground Gainak. You can teleport to Underground Gainak via NPC Gatekeeper Bilia from the Town of Schuttgart, and then go underground; or via NPC Gatekeeper Camille teleport directly to Underground Gainak.
  • Access to the instances of the Mystic Tavern is available when you have completed the Grand Opening! Come to Our Tavern! quest.
  • The instanced zone is chosen at random.
  • You can take part in the adventures 2 times a week. The counter is reset on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6.30 a.m.
Name Lvl. Party Доступ
Таинственная Таверна - Фрея.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Freya 99 - 104 1 party (5-7 ppl) 2 times a week, reset on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 6:30 a.m.
Таинственная Таверна - Таути.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Tauti
Таинственная Таверна - Кельбим.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Kelbim
Таинственная Таверна - Кайн.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Kain 103 - 104

See also the rules of entering the instances of the Mystic Tavern.

Walkthrough guide

The event in the Mystic Tavern unveils the secret of what happened in reality.

Mystic Tavern - Kain’s Choice is a story about Kain's decision to set out against Etis van Etina, to turn Giselle back into a human again. The events take place in the von Hellmanns' mansion, where Alfred von Hellmann and the guards are fighting against the knights of the the Rune Castle, and in Messiah Castle - the place where Kain went to get Giselle taken by Etis van Etina.

Kain’s Choice - getting the quest

When you are teleported to the zone, the Kain’s Choice quest will be accepted automatically. In case it doesn't happen, talk to Giselle von Hellmann. You will fight as mercenaries to help the von Hellmanns' army against the knights of the the Rune Castle. Follow Alfred von Hellmann and defeat all the enemies in the mansion yard. Alfred von Hellmann's soldiers attack the knights of the the Rune Castle, but they don't help players, Alfred von Hellmann's soldiers killed by the knights of the the Rune Castle don't get resurrected.

After the battle all the killed defenders of the mansion and the knights of the the Rune Castle will be raised as the undead. Defeat all the enemies in the yard. The entrance to the mansion is blocked by the Cannon, so you need to break it to get inside. Everyone is killed in the mansion, and Giselle is turned into a vampire.

Erdo - Messiah Castle.jpg

Kain van Holter and his comrades set out for Messiah Castle to find Giselle von Hellmann. First of all, you need to follow Kain’s Mate Erdo through the first zone with traps. Step onto those parts of the zone which Erdo steps on to walk through the zone safely.

After the first zone you'll need to fight Alfred von Hellmann who's turned into a vampire.

Follow Erdo to the second zone with traps. Kill only those vampires who have the Vampire's Sleep buff. The vampires under the Vampire's Deep Sleep buff are dangerous: if you wake them up, all other vampires will wake up as well to attack you. Moreover, if your character steps on the zone part with a vampire with the Vampire's Deep Sleep buff, your character will get the bleeding and the slow debuffs.

When you've defeated the vampires, follow Erdo to the end of the hall to meet Kain van Holter and his friends Thyrad and Autrya. Help them to defeat the vampires. Karla will join Kain in the battle. When all the vampires are killed, Etis van Etina will appear to kill Kain's comrades. Kain will join Etis van Etina. Attack Traitor Kain Van Halter and reduce his HP to minimal level so you could finish your quest in the instance. Then your party will be teleported back to the Mystic Tavern.


Mystic Tavern - Kain - monsters

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Vampire Warrior 100 : : : : : 0 0
Vampire Warrior 100 : : : : 77941100 78000
Rune Castle Unit Knights Warrior 100 : : : : : 0 0
Rune Castle Unit Knights Warrior 100 : : : : : 233823400 233900
Rune Castle Unit Knights Commander 100 : : : : : 0 0
Rune Castle Unit Knights Commander 100 : : : : : 233823400 233900
Rune Castle Unit Knights Priest 100 : : : : : 0 0
Rune Castle Unit Knights Priest 100 : : : : : 233823400 233900
Cannon 100 0 0
Vampire Rogue 100 : : : : : 0 0
Vampire Rogue 100 : : : : 77941100 78000
Vampire Shooter 100 : : : : 0 0
Vampire Shooter 100 : : : : 77941100 78000
Rune Castle Unit Knights Archer 100 : : : : 0 0
Rune Castle Unit Knights Archer 100 : : : : 233823400 233900
Vampire Wizard 100 : : : : : 0 0
Vampire Wizard 100 : : : : 77941100 78000
Eilhalder von Hellmann 101 : : : : 5300517127 5300541
Alfred von Hellmann 101 : : : : 7950775691 7950863
Sophie von Hellmann 101 : : : : 7950775691 7950863
Traitor Kain van Halter 102 0 0
Traitor Kain van Halter 102 : : : : 0 0

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Kain's Choice Party QuestDaily quest 99 - See Description No requirements.

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