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Mystic Tavern

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Mystic Tavern opened its doors in the world of Elmoreden. Settlen was a famous traveler. While visiting different places of Aden and Elmore, he tried to gather stories and tales about heroes and villains, good and evil creatures. At some point, Settlen found a place in Gainak and founded the tavern, where anyone can stop and listen to the legends of the world.

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What is the Mystic Tavern

The Mystic Tavern is a pub located in the Underground Gainak. A place for wonderful adventures to begin! Unveil the secrets of the past together with the regular customers of the Tavern.

How to get inside the Mystic Tavern

Teleport from Rune or Town of Schuttgart to Gainak. Then move to the Tavern using the Gatekeeper or through the underground tunnel. Go upstairs and you will find yourself in a cozy tavern.

Mystic Tavern: NPCs and quests

Access to instanced zones

Mystic Tavern is the place to travel to different instanced zones.

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  • To get access to the zones, you need to complete the Grand Opening! Come to Our Pub! quest. The quest is available for characters level 99 and higher from Settlen.
  • The instanced zones of the Mystic Tavern are available to a party level 99 and above.
  • The party leader needs to use a crystal ball (there are crystal balls on the tables), then the party members need to sit down on the chairs around the table. A tavern employee will approach, and a random adventure will begin.
  • If your party members haven't managed to sit on time, they will be kicked out of the Tavern.
  • You can take part in the adventures 2 times a week. The counter is reset on Wednesday and Saturday at 6.30 a.m.
  • NPC Lailly regularly gives information on how to reenter Mystic Tavern instanced dungeons.

Related instanced zones

Name Lvl Party Access
Таинственная Таверна - Фрея.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Freya 99 lvl and above 5-7 ppl 2 times a week, the counter is reset on Wednesday and Saturday at 6.30 a.m.
Таинственная Таверна - Таути.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Tauti
Таинственная Таверна - Кельбим.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Kelbim
Таинственная Таверна - Кайн.jpg
Mystic Tavern - Kain 103 lvl and above

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
Grand Opening! Come to Our Tavern! Onetime quest 99 Settlen See Description No Requirements

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